If your jockey wheels are looking old, tattered, tired or just about ready to give up their ghosts, don’t even sweat! Rodque also manufactures a range of Jockey wheels suitable for boating, Caravans, trailers and horse boxes. They are extremely easy to replace and install.

If you’ve kept your caravan under cover or away from the elements then your jockey wheels will last longer than most. Jockey wheels are also susceptible to corrosion if there is pro-longed use by the sea. Luckily, they are very inexpensive to maintain or replace.

If you’re in the Market for a new or replacement jockey wheel, rest assured! Rodque has you covered! Plus they do supply many leading dealerships and popular brands with their equipment and are often the go-to manufacturer for all those DIY homemaking caravan builders.. This means it’s a product you can trust.