The company 4U2P was founded at the beginning of 2020, although the product, Potty Pee Pourri™ (3Pee ™) has been in personal use considerably longer. 3Pee™, the powder that turns body waste into gel, is a convenient way to use a porta potty or any receptacle that is suitable to use as a toilet/porta potty.

3Pee™ is both easy to use and hygienic. Simply line a porta potty or receptacle of your choice with the green leak-proof recyclable liner provided in your FULL KIT purchase. Place a dissolving sachet containing the 3Pee ™ powder, also provided in the FULL KIT, into the bottom of the liner.

Proceed to use the porta potty, or receptacle of your choice, in the manner you are accustomed to. The outer casing of the sachet will dissolve in approximately 3 min, releasing the scented gel powder. Once the powder comes into contact with fluid it converts to a gel.

One sachet can be used approximately 4 times (depending on how thick you’d like the gel to be). With each use the previous gel will turn back into liquid. After approximately 3 min the new application (and the previous) will convert to gel again. To dispose, simply pull the drawstring handles of the leak proof recyclable liner closed and the product may be disposed of into a bin.

If you do not have access to a bin, dig a shallow hole and bury the gel or simply keep closed liner to dispose of at a later stage. Alternatively, add enough water to convert the gel into ‘water’ and pour this out onto the ground. With either of these disposable methods, remember to keep a safe distance of 100m or 70 steps between any fresh running water.

3Pee™ powder is available in kit form, for ease of use or loose powder in various sizes ranging from 50g to 10kg. Separate liners and sachets are available. Sachets and liners are handmade, with this in mind shapes and sizes may differ. The correct amount of powder (5g) is supplied. Liners are made from non-virgin 100% recyclable, leak proof plastic. Powder is 100% eco-friendly. 4U2P’s ethos is helping the South African market. Not only by providing an easy alternative to ‘potty time’ but by helping others to benefit by earning an income hence products are handmade and agents have been appointed.

Obviously, it is difficult to ‘tell all’, without revealing our ‘secret herbs and spices’ recipe, but read on if you want the perfect ablution solution. 3Pee™ is environmentally sound and after in-depth ecotoxicological testing has been performed in laboratories certified according to the rules of GLP. No evidence for adverse effects to animals, plants, soil or ground water was obtained. 3Pee™ is classified as an inert product by the EPA under 40 CFR section 180.1001 (c). 3Pee™ is degradable and will break down into natural components of carbon dioxide, water and potassium salts.

This product has excellent properties for use in human external products, and liquid absorption. In addition, this product has a distinctive capacity to form a gel and dissolve on-demand via physical or chemical reactions. The mechanical properties and degradation rates of the PPF and OPF of this product are controlled in macromer formation as both are biodegradable.

Products available from 3Pee are detailed below:

  • 3Pee Sachets
    3 x Dissolving Scented Powder Sachets
  • 3Pee full kit
    3 x Liners and 3 x (+ 3 x free) dissolving powder sachets
    Each sachet converts approximately 1.2 litres of liquid into gel (average 4 x urination applications)
  • 3Pee Liners Only
    3 x Leakproof Recyclable liners (each liner holds up to 5kg set gel)
  • 3Pee Gel Powder Only
  • 3Pee Gel Powder Only
  • 3Pee Gel Powder Only
    1kg and sachets
For more information or to place your order, simply fill in the enquiry form below and one of the 3Pee agents will get hold of you with all the information you require. Alternatively visit their website at www.3pee.co.za.