Oztrail’s Tasman 4V Plus Dome tent

Review and photos by Alexandra Dunsford-White

The Tasman 4V Plus Dome tent from OZtrail boasts its very own climate-control system and comes with a 12-month warranty.

The Tasman 4V Plus Dome tent from OZtrail sleeps up to four people and is ideal for a small family, for a couple, or as shared accommodation with close friends. The tent is constructed in traditional dome style, and the lightweight, shock-corded poles, made from DuraPlus fibreglass, slot easily into one another and are sturdy enough to ensure stability in the roughest weather – proving that ‘light in weight’ does not translate to ‘light in strength’.

The ends of the extended poles are placed into the metal eyelets on the four corners of the spread-out tent, and once the poles are secured in the eyelets, then the tent is attached to the poles with a quick-clip system that utilises J-hooks. At this stage, the tent will have begun to take on its dome shape. There are two pieces of fabric inside the tent which can be secured around the middle cross-point of the poles, and this will give the structure extra support.

When securing your tent, make sure to stabilise it by using the metal pegs provided in the bag: there are designated peg points on all four corners, as well as on the flysheet’s guy ropes.

Once you have the inner shell constructed, you can move on to securing the flysheet. It may take you a minute or two to differentiate the front of the fly from the back (the sides look almost identical) but, as with most things, when you’ve done it once, then putting up this tent becomes a piece of cake! If you get stuck, then the manual offers step-by-step instructions that will help to get you back on the right path; and, with practice, the overall setup time is minimal, ensuring that you have more time for fun and outdoor activities!

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