Our New Motorhome


Is this your first motorhome?
Yes, this is our first motorhome, but we have been caravanning for more than 30 years.

Where did you buy it from?
We purchased it from Motorhome-World in Atlantis, near Cape Town, and took delivery on 4 November 2013.

How did you hear about this dealership? And why did you buy it there?
We looked in this magazine for names of dealers, and visited some of them – but the way we were treated at Motorhome-World, and the kind of deal we got there, secured our business.

What extras did you specify for your new motorhome?
First, a Fiamma Awning – a real must. Then the Fiamma privacy room, which is very nice to have if you’re staying in one place for a couple of days. We went for a larger fridge/freezer; we don’t want to have to go shopping every day, and the larger unit lets you store more perishables. The convection microwave is an addition that’s ideal for rainy days when you can’t braai. The satellite dish makes the TV worthwhile. And, lastly, we specced a rear-view camera, as my tow car has this and it’s a feature that I now can’t do without.

Are there any extras you’d still like to add?
We are actually very satisfied with everything apart from the driver and passenger seats – they don’t have armrests, which is bothersome because you’re driving quite a lot, and you want to put your elbow somewhere. I will probably look for other seats in the near future.

Where have you travelled in your new motorhome?
So far, we’ve driven from Atlantis back home to Pretoria. Then we visited Hartbeeshoek, Ballito, and the Kruger Park.

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