Okto Caravans to launch in SA


A brand-new manufacturer is entering the South African road caravan market: Okto Caravans.

The team behind this new caravan is impressive, and includes Keith Laing, Tinus van Wyk, Ingo Ferreira, Derek Laing and Rudolph Vorster.

Keith has 17 years of experience in the caravan industry, of which a substantial part was as Managing Director of Jurgens Ci. Tinus has 13 years of experience in caravan manufacturing with Jurgens Ci, the latter half as Production Director.

Ingo is an industrial designer who was the Jurgens Ci designer for seven years, Derek is an engineer who has been key in the design and commissioning of certain work stations, and Rudolph is a mechanical engineer who was previously with Jurgens Ci and now does consultancy work; he has completed all the structural integrity checks on the Okto caravan.

Okto Caravans is also backed by Loftus Caravan City – South Africa’s largest caravan dealership, which has 30 years of retail experience and knowledge about what caravanners are looking for in a product. Woody, Joël and Neil Loftus oversee Okto’s marketing.

New Okto caravan layout top view

The first Okto caravan has an island bed in the front and dinette at the back, which can convert to sleeping space for two.

This incredible team is looking to make a big splash in the South African market with a “world-first” caravan body construction: The Okto is timber-less, with a sturdy aluminium and fibreglass framework. The wall construction is made of a fibreglass inner skin and an aluminium outer skin that are vacuum-pressed with a high density polystyrene sheet between the two. This makes the wall extremely well-insulated, strong, and still light. And, as no timber is used in the shell, wood rot is also no longer a problem. A unique roof design ensures a light roof that is totally waterproof
Okto Caravans uses some of the latest manufacturing machinery. The computer program of their CNC cutting machine ensures that all the parts are cut exactly to size, giving a perfect fit for all the hundreds of components that make up a unit. They also use the latest vacuum-press and glue-spreader technology, which ensures a high quality flawless finish.

Okto Caravans has used most of the latest European caravan technology, but has adapted some of it to meet South African conditions.

The complete chassis and axles are imported and designed by AL-KO in Germany. The chassis is made of rust-resistant galvanised steel. The caravan has independent suspension, which gives it excellent road-holding capabilities.

New Okto caravan layout top view

The medium-sized Okto has an inside and outside kitchen.

The caravan is expected to come in at just over 1 000 kg, with an axle capacity of 1 500 kg, which gives it a loading capacity of about 500 kg. Design features include an island bed, pop-up roof, plenty of outside work surfaces, and a kitchen. The Okto comes standard with 220 V, 12 V with battery and charger and a gas system, as well as a large double-door Defy fridge/freezer (that runs off 12 V, so it will work when there is no 220 V, as well as while being towed.

The Okto fits in a standard garage, which is a big plus in a modern world where more and more people live in townhouses.

The new manufacturer is based in the North of Pretoria. Loftus Caravan City will be the distributor for Gauteng; dealers in Cape Town and Durban have also been identified.

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