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Northstar Slide-on camper

North Star introduce new range of slide-on campers for 60th anniversary


The best way to go camping and off-road exploring in style with no towing, pitching tents, or being restricted to expensive camp sites, is to have your camper be 100% detachable from your bakkie!

North Star have been in the bakkie camper business for over six decades, making them the oldest bakkie camper manufacturer in the world!

The campers are all hand-built and among the best in the world! These exceptional campers are now available in South Africa, and will fit on all our 1-ton bakkies – single, extended, and double cabs, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Amarok, Isuzu, etc.

In celebration of their 60th anniversary, North Star are pleased to announce they have introduced a new range of slide-on campers for South Africa in 2021.


History of Excellence

North Star South Africa is part of the international North Star family that has been manufacturing bakkie campers since 1961.

The company was founded by Ralph “Tex” Willett in 1955, who along with his son, Rex, built a reputation unmatched in the RV industry.

Rex took over the company in the 1980s, and started operating under the North Star campers name, which continues to this day.

North Star campers are now found in eight different countries across the world, helping thousands of families enjoy the outdoors and wonders of camping and the great outdoors.

From the bush to the mountain, the ocean to the desert, and any harsh environment you want to explore, North Star campers can handle it.

Slide-on campers are easy to maneuver and require very little maintenance and upkeep. Insurance costs are generally much lower than caravans or motorhomes, and they do not require registration, licenses, or roadworthy certificates.

You don’t need a special driving licence, because the unit simply fits on the back of your bakkie.

North Star can also supply any type of accessory you require from chassis mounting brackets to awnings, air conditioners, suspension upgrades.

The campers offer a low profile with a low centre of gravity configuration, with minimal wind drag design. It is designed for easy on- and off-road handling, and also provides exceptional fuel efficiency.

North Star campers are all imported from the manufacturing facility in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and are specially modified for South Africa’s adventurous needs – they will take you anywhere in style and with all the comforts of a home away from home.


North Star SS 600 and SS 700

The North Star SS 600 and 700 (1 920 mm floor length) will fit almost any midsize bakkie – Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Nissan Hardbody, etc – short or long bed, double, extended or single cab.

Standard equipment includes Dometic 3-way fridge (with removable freezer), auto-ignition furnace, extended cabover bed, happijac (4220), corner jacks, Dometic glass-top 2-burner stove, electric roof lift, screen door, and more.

All the latest models feature an electric roof lifting system that raises and lowers the roof with a control switch on the inside of the camper, creating a spacious interior with a full stand-up room and lots of convenient features.

The spacious living quarters are complete with all the features you would find in a larger RV.

North Star SS 600 and SS 700 campers can provide the most complete, affordable, and versatile camper combination there is: The comfort and convenience of a complete home away from home.

While the SC 650 (and ATV 600) models are more suited for customers who insist on having an inside toilet, and thus is best used on a 1-ton bakkie, the SS 600 and SS 700 suit any size bakkies.

SS 600
Weight: 578 kg
Closed height: 1 615 mm
Interior height: 1 862 mm (open), 1 250 mm (closed)
Exterior width: 1 981 mm
Overall length: 3 386 mm
Floor length: 1 920 mm

SS 700
Weight: 621 kg
Closed height: 1 615 mm
Interior height: 1 862 mm (open), 1 250 mm (closed)
Exterior width: 1 981 mm
Overall length: 3 962 mm
Floor length: 2 113 mm

For more details, availability, and pricing, contact North Star South Africa by filling in the enquiry form below:


North Star 650 SC

Northstar slide-on camper

A compact, self-contained pop-up camper for all of those ultra-short and short bed bakkies out there.

SC stands for Self Contained, because the unit comes with interior toilet and shower.

Measuring 2 072 mm floor length, it will fit bakkie bed size 1 950 mm to 1 895 mm, ultra-short bakkie beds size 1 706 mm to 1 554 mm and standard short beds.

This long-anticipated model will not impede the receiver on any of the bed-length trucks, therefore allowing for easy hitch access for those wishing to tow behind their bakkie and camper.

If ordered without the 1/2 wrap around the rear end (a 1/2 wrap being built-in tail lights and skinny side skirts) this model will correctly fit all bakkies with a 1,859 m bed.

650 SC
Weight: 730 kg
Closed height: 1 760 m
Interior height: 1 980 m (open)
Exterior width: 2 130 m
Overall length: 4 145 m
Floor length: 1 828 m

For more details, availability, and pricing, contact North Star South Africa by filling in the enquiry form below:


North Star ATV 600

This North Star ATV 600 bakkie camper is like no other camper on the market thanks to its unique features, including that it has legs, which means you can lift it off your vehicle in the campsite.

If you’re only overnighting somewhere with the unit still fitted, simply lower the two legs at the back for no rock and rolling, and you’re ready for bed.

The ATV 600, like all the North Star campers, is attached to four anchor points of the bakkie with four straps. Off-loading it is as easy as pie.

At each corner is a leg that can be extended to the ground. It works mechanically with a crank-handle, but you also get a special fitting if you want to use your drill. There is even a third choice: electric legs. They work with a remote control, and you can lower all four legs at the same time or each on its own.

Once the legs are in place, simply drive your vehicle out from under the camper and then lower it to the ground, so it’s easier to get in and out.

For more details, availability, and pricing, contact North Star South Africa by filling in the enquiry form below:


The door sits at the back with a wide step underneath. As you get in, the flushing cassette toilet is on the left in its own cubicle, which is also the shower cubicle. This is undoubtedly the 600 ATV’s biggest selling point.

Next to it is the double burner gas stove and basin with a tap that extends (much like a shower head).

Against the opposite panel is a bench that stretches from the door down the wall. Here you can set up a small table-top for meals, or turn it into a bed for a third person.

You climb onto the main bed using a step that sits between the basin and the end of the bench. The bed section extends over the roof of the bakkie.

The bed itself is 1,85 x 1,42 m in size – slightly wider than a double bed. The area above your head is high enough for you to sit upright on the bed, and there are windows on each side that can open (each with mesh and blinds).

To the right of the bed is an open shelf with a flat lid in the middle. You can use this as a bedside table, but also lift the lid to store valuables inside a sunken cupboard where they’re out of sight.

With a huge bay view window on each side of the camper allowing for ample airflow across the bed.



Northstar slide-on camper

The outside panels are all made of marine-grade plywood and finished with a gel-coated waterproof fibreglass skin. The frame is also filled with hardwood timber to give even greater strength.

The gas cylinder sits outside in its own cupboard at the bakkie’s left rear door. Just to its right is another outside shower head on an extension, just in case you want to set up an outdoor shower cubicle here.

The 600ATV comes with a 100 Ah deep-cycle battery, so when it’s not connected to 220 V power, elements including the lights, water pump and fridge work with 12 V power. The geyser uses gas.


Attaching the camper to your bakkie.

There are two main ways of attaching a camper to the bed of your bakkie: inside mount and outside mount.

Both systems are more designed to stop the camper from moving backward and forward when accelerating or braking. The weight of the camper is enough to keep it in place from any upward movement.

The outside mount is the original way campers have been attached to bakkie beds for years, and requires brackets to be mounted on the bed of the bakkie.

This outside system is a very easy and convenient way to loosen and tighten your camper, especially when loading and off-loading.

Plus you have easy access to the tie downs outside, and it frees up storage space on the insides of the bakkie’s wheel arches. This is where additional supplies can be stored, such as water or fuel.

The inside mount of the camper is from the inside of the bakkie bed. There are four hooks, one in each corner of the bakkie bed – this comes standard on all bakkies from the manufacturer.

Straps are then used to attached all the hooks from the inside door hatches in the camper. Straps are fastened in an X-pattern to stop any movement. This also looks very neat and clean from the outside.

For full details on how to set up your camper to your bakkie, and for more details and pricing, contact North Star South Africa by filling in the form below.

For full instructions on how to set up your camper to your bakkie, and for more details and pricing, contact North Star South Africa by filling in the enquiry form below:

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