New Tyre: General Tire Altimax


We were recently invited by General Tire to the Gerotek Testing Facility, just west of Pretoria, for the launch of their Altimax range. At this venue we would push tyres to the limit in wet-handling, wet-braking and aquaplaning scenarios, and experience first-hand how the advanced design and tread compound, and new technologies, make the Altimax tyre a worthy contender in the passenger-car tyre segment.

The General Tire Altimax range places the focus on driving safety by providing impressive wet braking, exceptional wet handling performance and confident aquaplaning resistance. This is combined with low rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency. The Altimax range, consisting of the Altimax Comfort and the Altimax Sport tyre, is designed to stringent European standards and market demands. The Altimax range boasts innovative composite and contour technologies that deliver superb performance and long service life.

The new Altimax Comfort is designed for compact and medium-sized cars, offering high levels of driving safety, while the Altimax Sport has been developed to suit a wide range of high-performance cars. The Altimax Comfort is available in 18 popular sizes, spanning the 13 – 15” range; and the Altimax Sport is available in nine sizes, ranging from 15 and 16” to the popular 17’’ and 18” versions. A special wet-grip silica compound is used for the tread on the Altimax tyres, and the lateral sipes in the tread blocks ensure superior wet-grip and -braking performance, and shorter stopping distances in the wet.

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