Namibia’s Adventure Capital: Swakopmund


Situated on Namibia’s west coast, at first glance Swakopmund seems little more than an insignificant bump on a seemingly endless journey through vast landscapes and breathtaking dunes. But this quaint costal town definitely deserves a second glance and isn’t known as Namibia’s adventure capital by chance.

With the cold Atlantic to its left and the dunes of the Namib on the right, Swakopmund’s cooler conditions provide the perfect background for both locals and international visitors alike, eager to escape some of the harsh heat from the region’s interior. Although the town is popular for its wide range of restaurants, art galleries and museums, the real action takes place in the dunes outside of Swakopmund.

Sand, sand and more sand is the best way to describe the one of the oldest desert worldwide, the Namib. Namib, a word of Nama origin meaning vast, is said to be in excess of 55 million years old and with its dunes rising majestically and peaking at up to 300m, the best conditions for a variety of sandy adventures are ensured! With quad biking, sand boarding, sand skiing, desert walks, parasailing and even guided 4×4 tours, adrenalin junkies worldwide can tick the boxes when it comes to quenching their thirst for adventure!

A guided tour and special highlight of the region includes seeing the regions “Small 5” and is well worth investing in. This is an adventure in itself as your local guide shows you all there is to know about the desert, including intimate meetings with creatures such as the Namibian sidewinder, some geckos and even a scorpion or two!

Just a hop, skip and jump away from Swakopmund lies Walvis Bay. Only 30 minutes’ drive away, Walvis Bay is Namibia’s only natural harbour where tourists can enjoy a whale and dolphin cruise or even take time out to enjoy a leisurely kayak adventure on the lagoon. Walvis Bay itself provides for visitors with a variety of attractions including kiting, surfing, angling, golf and sailing. The Walvis Bay lagoon is renowned for its range of prolific birdlife, including flamingos, pelicans and other small waders.

Namibia provides adventure attractions for both young and old to enjoy and experience and the areas of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are no exception. . Offering a wide range of options to keep even the most daredevil of adventure junkies enthralled, Namibia should definitely be on the bucket list of every adventure seeker out there!

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