My family’s African Adventures!

Story by Kyla Erasmus. Photos by Elana Erasmus. Driving by Wouter Erasmus accompanied by Dirko Erasmus.

Back on SA soil after enjoying a great family holiday through Namibia and into Botswana , young Kyla Erasmus reflects on the good, the bad and the unforgettable!

I love the adventures I share with my family and the privilege of being able to tour southern Africa. Last month it was time to travel yet again and my mom took charge of packing the caravan, buying the groceries, etc. This included the packing of my clothing into my allocated ‘kassie’ in the caravan. She didn’t ask me what I would like to wear on tour so I spent 24 days in my oldest clothes – mostly last year’s fit (and what a tight fit it was for this growing pre-teen girl)! My mother always entrust us to pack our own ‘goody’ or ‘gadget’ bags. These bags should include our personal stuff, the books we want to read, cellphones, relevant chargers, iPods, and so on.

After all these years I still manage to forget something and this usually ends up with some ‘grey’ noise yelling from the ‘female adult’ in the house: ‘Kyla, how many times have I told you to check that you have everything? How many times?’ And there’s always a look of despair written all over my mom’s face. Or maybe she was yelling at Dirko? Suddenly I don’t remember that well… it’s all suddenly so hazy, dreamlike… a forgotten memory.

I’m a strong believer in my beauty sleep. It’s good for my skin, for my mental health and it also helps to cleanse my soul. The main purpose of a school holiday – to be thoroughly rested for the next term! With the family I was born into none of the above criteria are taken into consideration. Sorry to say, but this lack of consideration only started when we started touring the African continent… and long, peaceful holidays at the beach came to a sudden halt.

With the constant early calls for us to wake up, there was barely time the brush your teeth – I presented myself at the breakfast table with a typical ‘Bonny Tyler’ hairstyle (she was a famous lady ‘rock star’ from a previous century – my parents’ generation!) I ate my ‘bakkie pap’ (it’s so easy to make that instant stuff) in total darkness outside the caravan, waiting for the sun to peep over the horizon. The little dining table inside the caravan was off-limits – heaven forbid that Dirko and I even suggest eating our early morning meals inside the caravan. It would have been so much easier, but a caravan ‘dining room’ it was no more – my parents had converted it into a mobile office. The Apple Mac, Dell computer and Nikon cameras took our seats around the table.


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