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Custom Campers Gray - Caravan Camp Destination Show 2019

Mobile opulence with Gray


Interested viewers literally lined up on a red carpet to take a look inside the impressive 7,3-metre long Gray caravan from Custom Campers.

But it’s not just the interior that drew crowds, it’s the Gray’s unique nose design that first catches the eye. Unlike the majority of caravans in South Africa, the front of the caravan has a slight concave design design, smoothly leading the eye up from the tow hitch to the roof.

Moving around the passenger side, between the nose and double wheels in the centre, is a hip-high hatch behind which is an outside kitchen on a slide-out rail. The concave curve of the front of the kitchen unit nicely compliments the overall exterior design.

Just behind the double wheels is the entrance, where you step into the lounge of the Gray. It’s immediately clear that this caravan built for luxury and comfort.

The lounge consists of leather seating (easily for six people), a big mirror at the back, a television on one wall, and in the back corners is storage for glasses and liquor bottles. Overhead cupboards with curved doors complete the lounge.


Tare 1 620 kg
GVM 2 500 kg
Length 7 300 kg
Height 2 600 mm
Priced from R595 000

The opulence continues as you step to the middle of the Gray, where on the right is a full bathroom, and on the left a neat interior kitchen with stand-up fridge and freezer, microwave, dishwasher, drawers and a small work surface with a glass-topped washbasin.

The bedroom has a queen-size island bed with ample space and cupboards on either sides.

The Gray is priced at R595 000, but you sure get what you pay for!

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