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Maxmo Tourer - Caravan Camp Destination Show 2019

Maxmo leaves crowd speechless


Campers getting a demonstration of some of the features of Maxmo Adventure Campers’ high-tech Tourer were left literally speechless.

Leon Ras showed off some of the development work being done on the biggest motorhome in his Maxmo range, and arranged private demonstrations for interested parties to be awed by the technology.

Based on a special spec Fiat Ducato 6.4m with dual sliding doors, the interior of the motorhome is going to be unlike anything we’ve seen in South Africa.

Leon says: “We presented the Tourer as a customer experience. We had demonstrations every 10 minutes. We showed them the interior features of the Tourer in complete privacy. The potential clients loved it, and we received good feedback.”

Caravan & Outdoor Life also enjoyed a presentation, and we can tell you that it’s impressive to see Leon press a button and then a kitchen unit slides out from under the bed. With the press of a button the kitchen unit then even lifts to a comfortable height for working. With another press of a button the kitchen is stored and a bathroom areas slides out.

Other additions that Maxmo will be adding to the Tourer is a travel fridge that is accessible at any time (the full fridge is only accessible with the motorhome in Kitchen mode), as well as a washbasin that is hidden behind a secret panel. All you’ll have to do is touch the panel and the basin will slide out.

Leons says: “Another thing also received a lot of good feedback about is the storage space at the of the Tourer. At the back you have eight storage boxes! It’s impressive.. just think on packing that many boxes in a normal vehicle, it will be full!”

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