Manufacturer Profile: Maxmo Campervans


Maxmo is launching an exciting new range of campervans tailored for the South African market. These products were designed as multipurpose vehicles for touring, camping, sport, adventures and various other outdoor activities.

Leon Ras, the owner of Maxmo, says that he grew up around motorhomes, caravans, cabin cruisers and aeroplanes. In the 60’s, his dad bought an old Bedford mobile bank and converted it into a motorhome – out went everything but the bulletproof glass, and in went the stove, sink, fridge and beds for the whole family.

They travelled extensively and visited almost thirty countries, which were all influential in their understanding of trends in the global leisure markets.

In the US, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, Leon saw that campervans (or Class B, as the Americans say) form one of the fastest-growing segments. They are smaller and easier to drive, can be parked in a normal parking lot, and are also more discreet in design than the bigger motorhomes.

Leon says: “In South Africa, we often see German tourists renting big motorhomes for a week or two, but we expect that the new-generation campervans will become more and more popular with traditional caravan owners.

“The idea of a cross-over camper as a multi-purpose vehicle will also become very popular with South African adventurers and school moms. In a country where double cabs and SUVs are high on the wish list, the idea of having a discreet vehicle with a fixed toilet, kitchen, double bed and place for the children to do their homework after sport, will entice many a forward-thinking family.

“It is also true that many customers are changing over from having a holiday home somewhere to a full-sized camper in which they can tour the country without having to pay rates, security and maintenance on a place with just one view.

“There is a difference between camping where you drive, and driving to a camp.

“Using a caravan is an event; using a SUV is comfortable on the way. Living with a cross-over camper that combines both worlds is an adventure and a welcome lifestyle without all the fuss!

“One thing is for certain − to be able to tour, while making the journey part of the adventure, is becoming more and more popular with South Africans.”

The South African developed Maxmo Tourer.

In 2008, Leon started with the design of a new-generation dynamic interior for full-size campers: this was what he describes as “thinking inside of the box”. The design criteria posed quite a challenge, as customers wanted it smaller on the outside and bigger on the inside. This is where the new Flex Interior came to the fore: a lovely, spacious bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and lounge, and even interior storage for bicycles; all within a sleek camper that is a mere 6m to 6.4m long and as much as 400mm narrower than a caravan or motorhome.

They are easy and economical to drive, with 2X4 and 4X4 versions and off-road-suspension options, and are developed for Southern African road conditions.

Customers can choose from a range of interiors which include the new generation Flex Interiors, as well as different German-made floor plans.

All base vehicles are special imports with very particular specifications to suit the Maxmo designs and functionality. A lot of research was done on the development of suspension options that are not only rugged, but also comfortable enough for use on our back roads and gravel. Models such as the Tourer C60 and S60, and the Nevada X, have been developed for extensive touring to destinations like Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique, without having to tow anything.

Leon & Felix at the Reimo factory in Germany.

The team at Maxmo believes that their new range of adventure campers will make a huge difference to those in search of outdoor adventure. Take a look at the inspiring videos on the Maxmo Facebook page about a couple who toured from Alaska down to Argentina in their cross-over camper.

The Nevada, Arizona and Campy campers are already available for demonstration in Pretoria, and can be ordered directly online. The launch of the new Tourer full-size campers is imminent; customers can fill out the form below for an invitation to the South African launch.

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