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Loftus Caravan City lockdown May specials


Loftus Caravan City, Randburg, Gauteng is offering customers great deals on selected NEW and used Caravans plus Motorhomes for their May 2020 promotion.

Enquire now and you could save up to R 15 000 on a new SWIFT Atlantic or SWIFT Coastline Deluxe models.
Or perhaps you prefer to pick up an even better deal in their pre-owned selections.

Just remember to enquire with all the standard and optional extras for each unit.

For more information please use the enquiry form below, and remember T&C’s apply.

Original Price

May Special

You Save

New Caravans

New Swift Atlantic R539,000 R524,000 R15,000
New Swift Coastline Deluxe R639,000 R624,000 R15,000

Pre-owned Caravans

1999 Gypsey Raven R68,000 R62,000 R6,000
2018 Jurgens Fleetline GS R299,000 R289,000 R10,000
2014 Sensation Devee R279,000 R271,000 R8,000
2010 Jurgens Safari Xplorer R199,000 R189,000 R10,000
2017 Jurgens Classique R369,000 R359,000 R10,000
2011 Jurgens Safari XCape R189,000 R182,000 R7,000
2010 Jurgens Expo R165,000 R160,000 R5,000
1994 Sprite Swift R48,000 R42,000 R6,000
2018 Jurgens Classique R375,000 R365,000 R10,000
2014 Jurgens Exclusive GS R329,000 R314,000 R15,000
2012 Sensation Vee R329,000 R319,000 R10,000
2005 Sprite Swing R129,000 R119,000 R10,000
2017 Sprite Tourer SP R269,000 R263,000 R6,000
2008 Jurgens Safari Xplorer R179,000 R171,000 R8,000
2017 Sprite Splash R249,000 R244,000 R5,000
2017 Jurgens Safari Xplorer R329,000 R317,000 R12,000
2016 Jurgens Safari Xplorer R339,000 R329,000 R10,000
2008 Jurgens Safari Xplorer R179,000 R171,000 R8,000
2019 OKTO Villa R309,000 R306,000 R3,000
2012 Sensation Vee R329,000 R319,000 R10,000
2008 Sprite Sprint R129,000 R124,000 R5,000
2002 Gypsey Raven R119,000 R111,000 R8,000
2017 Bush Lapa Ratel 4 R389,000 R381,000 R8,000
2006 Sprite Swing R125,000 R115,000 R10,000
2014 Jurgens Safari XCape R199,000 R191,000 R8,000
2010 Jurgens Safari XCape R169,000 R163,000 R6,000
2007 Sprite Swing R129,000 R125,000 R4,000
2008 Gypsey Regal Gold R159,000 R151,000 R8,000
2015 Jurgens Safari Xplorer R269,000 R262,000 R7,000
2004 Gypsey Romany R105,000 R97,000 R8,000
2014 Jurgens Safari Oryx R189,000 R177,000 R12,000
2013 Sprite Swing R179,000 R169,000 R10,000
1996 Jurgens Penta R109,000 R101,000 R8,000
2006 Sprite Scout R109,000 R100,000 R9,000
2003 Sprite Swing R125,000 R115,000 R10,000
1996 Jurgens Expo R65,000 R61,000 R4,000
2009 Jurgens Safari Xplorer R189,000 R183,000 R6,000
2012 Jurgens Palma R195,000 R187,000 R8,000
2018 Tourer SP R275,000 R267,000 R8,000
2008 Jurgens Penta R175,000 R170,000 R5,000
2009 Gypsey Regal R159,000 R153,000 R6,000
2013 Jurgens Safari XCape R195,000 R187,000 R8,000
2017 Sprite Swing R229,000 R219,000 R10,000
2011 Jurgens Fleetline R179,000 R172,000 R7,000
2011 Jurgens Safari Xplorer Xcell R219,000 R209,000 R10,000
2017 Jurgens Safari XCape R249,000 R246,000 R3,000
2014 Sprite Splash R195,000 R190,000 R5,000
2014 Afrispoor Cougar R249,000 R239,000 R10,000
2008 Jurgens Safari Xplorer R179,000 R173,000 R6,000
2014 Jurgens Exclusive TDK R339,000 R329,000 R10,000
2018 Bush Lapa Baobab 4 R379,000 R371,000 R8,000
2012 Sprite Swing R179,000 R171,000 R8,000
2012 Jurgens Safari Xplorer R219,000 R213,000 R6,000
2016 Sprite Splash R229,000 R219,000 R10,000


2016 Volkswagen Transporter Camper R595,000 R585,000 R10,000

Safari Camping Trailers

2004 Challenger Bushwakker R39,000 R34,000 R5,000
2006 Challenger Bundu R59,000 R57,000 R2,000
2009 Jurgens Safari XT140 R45,000 R43,000 R2,000
2012 Jurgens Safari XT140 R95,000 R89,000 R6,000
2015 Jurgens Camplite R55,000 R51,000 R4,000
2017 Jurgens Safari XT140 off-road R99,000 R94,000 R5,000
2014 Jurgens Safari XT140 Extension R95,000 R89,000 R6,000
2017 Invader Quattro R239,000 R233,000 R6,000
2014 Jurgens Safari XT160 R139,000 R134,000 R5,000
2018 Invader Duo R249,000 R241,000 R8,000
2015 Eezi Trailer Eezi Tiger R89,000 R85,000 R4,000
1999 Desert Wolf Cub Off-Road R59,000 R56,000 R3,000
2016 Jurgens Safari XT160 Off-Road R165,000 R155,000 R10,000
2010 Jurgens XT120 R69,000 R67,000 R2,000
2009 Jurgens XT75 Safari R49,900 R46,900 R3,000
2014 Jurgens Safari XT140 Extension R98,000 R88,000 R10,000
2015 Jurgens Safari XT160 Off-road R155,000 R147,000 R8,000
2012 Jurgens Safari XT140 R95,000 R90,000 R5,000
2007 Echo 4 Off-road R69,000 R64,000 R5,000
2016 Jurgens Safari XT160 Off-Road R155,000 R151,000 R4,000
2012 Echo 3 Off-road R75,000 R70,000 R5,000
2014 Jurgens Safari XT160 R149,000 R139,000 R10,000
2014 Le Busha Off-Road R89,000 R84,000 R5,000

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