Loftus Caravan City launches the Sprite Swing En-Suite

Words and photos by Johan Lourens

25 years in the caravan industry!

Combined with customer demand for a smaller caravan that offers bathroom facilities (along with the recent discontinuation of the pop-up Jurgens Palma), the team came up with a design that converts the current Sprite Swing into a caravan that also offers full bathroom facilities! Called the Sprite Swing En-Suite, this model features its own unique interior and exterior colour scheme and comes with a matching full modular tent.

In line with their anniversary, only 25 units of this limited-edition model will be produced, so hurry over to this dealership to place your order! Caravan & Outdoor Life magazine were given an exclusive first peek inside the En-Suite.

The Swing En-Suite features a newly designed exterior decal in fresh, earthy colour combinations of yellow-grey and brown, as well as with its own uniquely designed moulds on all corners of the caravan. The wheel arches have also been designed in the new colours and the standard aluminium wheels have been replaced with alloy wheels (eliminating the risk of rust during those long coastal holidays). The roof surround on the pop-up roof also features the new colour scheme and the standard full modular tent matches the new design! To ensure that your towing combination is legal, the En-Suite also comes standard with a jockey wheel that includes a built-in scale! No more dents on your bathroom scale as you try to determine the actual nose weight of your caravan….

The bright blue interior colour scheme featured in the current Sprite Swing has been replaced with a more subtle, soft blue and beige colour combination to create a luxurious and warm feeling.

The standard Swing’s rear dinette / double bed area has been replaced with a full bathroom in this exclusive new Swing En- Suite model – and this has been designed from scratch by Loftus Caravan City. Upon entering the caravan one finds a solid wall immediately towards the right of the access door. With their focus on keeping as much of the storage space on offer as in the current Swing, Loftus Caravans cleverly designed this wall to feature five built-in shelves. Not only are these shelves easily accessible from both the interior and exterior of the caravan, but they are also deep enough to store various accessories safely during travelling.

Towards the left of these shelves (in the centre of the bathroom wall), is the access door to the bathroom. Complete with the new door-handle type (similar to those now found in the Jurgens Classique and the Exclusive) the door is wide enough to allow for easy access and swings open towards the road side of the caravan. The roof surround on the En-Suite pop-up roof has been extended to also include an additional surround that separates the bathroom area from the rest of the caravan, ensuring complete privacy.

When you enter the bathroom, the shower cubicle is located towards the left (in the roadside rear corner of the caravan). Complete with a swivel perspex access door and extractable showerhead, the shower cubicle also features a built-in bench (for extra comfort), LED lighting and a hot- and coldwater mixer tap that feeds off the standard 220 V geyser.

The basin (also with a hot- and coldwater mixer tap) is located in the centre of the bathroom and features a built-in mirror, shelving for various vanity items, hanging space for towels and three separate cupboards that will absorb all your toiletries, hairdryers and hair-straighteners! An additional LED light has been cleverly placed above the basin to make life easy while getting ready for an early morning game drive. The cassette toilet (complete with swiveltop) is located towards the right of the basin.

Having been installed against the left side wall of the caravan, the wastage tank can be easily accessed from the outside of the Swing – making cleaning and maintenance a hassle-free task. The toilet comes complete with a flush unit and the washer fluid for this unit can be topped up from the outside of the caravan.

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