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Leading caravan industry titan, June Mac Nicol passes away


It is with great sadness that we  inform our readers of the passing of June Mac Nicol on May 16, 2022, almost a year after her beloved husband, Angus Mac Nicol passed away. We would like to extend our  heartfelt condolences to the Mac Nicol family and  friends.

June and Angus were part of the Premier Caravan resorts (Durban) which is the South Coast Association of all Durban’s leading resort owners that comprises of 22 resorts along the North and South coast.

The Mac Nicol Caravan Park is a family business that opened in 1971. June and Angus’s dream was to run a caravan park and when Ifafa Beach Caravan Park was put up for sale in 1971, they took the plunge  and purchased it. The happy couple was  well known in the caravan resort industry and always aimed to meet the needs of every guest and  make  their holiday stay one to remember.

The Mac Nicol children; Ian, Brian, David and Cindy were kind enough to share a lovely piece in remembrance of their parents below:

Angus and June Mac Nicol caravanned together for many years. June worked in the office/shop and Angus worked for Bears in Port Shepstone while they were rebuilding the park. Their motto was “where good friends meet.”

They introduced tea on arrival for guests, plus the help of friendly staff to erect the campsite, a tradition that has continued ever since and has always been a highlight for guests. Tea and scones was started by June, so holiday makers could get together and meet new friends. The new idea proved to be a big hit with everyone and created the space for guests to share their stories and experiences over tea and scones every single day since then.

Wonderful memories were made during the Ifafa years and the years that followed. The village of Ifafa was expropriated in 1981, forcing them to sell the park and then in 1982 Angus bought a dairy farm in Ixopo.

June’s love for the caravan park was rekindled when Hi-Lee was for sale and this was how the Mac Nicol’s Bazley Beach Resort came to life on December 1, 1983. When they first bought it, it was a small park of roughly 50 sites with an office/shop, a games hall, nine private ablutions, one main ablution block and a single swimming pool.

They had to live in their caravan as there were no houses on the property. Angus was in his element, he had his farm and now the opportunity to develop the rest of the Bazley Beach resort. They lived in Plettenberg Bay for 12 years until they built their house on the top of Bazley where they lived ever since.

Over the years that followed, the rest of the park was developed to become the paradise it is today. Fish Eagle was started in 1999 and this was again right up Angus’s alley, as all sorts of machinery was brought in for the landscaping of the new area. They were able to add 30 sites, two ablutions blocks, van storage and the popular eight log cabins were built in the new area.

June loved Bazley and all of their guests with so much passion and it was truly amazing and magical to see her ability to remember everyone’s names. Whether she was down at tea or bumping into guests on their many caravanning journeys around Southern Africa, she always made the time to stop and talk to everyone. June would not miss a bring and braai and pancakes, not to forget the  daily tea and scones and she would often sit chatting until lunch with all of her ‘new’ extended family.

During the recent floods, the Mac Nicol family had to thank their dad for his planning and forethought as the storm water drains could never be big enough for him.

They poured their hearts into building this amazing place where friends and family could come and spend quality time together.

“We have a hard task ahead to keep up their standards and traditions but we look forward to continuing their amazing legacy. Their kindness and hospitality will be missed by so many friends from around South Africa, and will never forgotten by all”, says the Mac Nicol family.

June and Angus were married for 64 years and were high school sweethearts. They have four children, 15 grandchildren , and eight great grandchildren.

June and Angus were also frequent Caravanners and Motorhomers, as you can see by their Motorhome-World Discoverer 4, with which they traveled to many places throughout South Africa.

June was loved and celebrated by her peers Annien from Rocky Bay, Peter Barkley from Dolphin Holiday Resort and Robbie and Jenny Kerkhof from Skipper Tent Trailers, who regularly celebrated gatherings and tour groups at her resort ( Mac Nicols).

Peter Barkley shared a few kind words with us in remembrance of June: “Margie and I met June and Angus in 1991 when we bought La Mouette Caravan Park in Blythedale. We soon became close friends sharing many wonderful holidays and making very special memories together. June’s passion, energy and enthusiasm for the caravanning world was contagious. June was a fantastic mentor to Margie and I, as we navigated our way on our new venture. That’s the kind of person she was, always eager to help and share advice where she could. For this we will be forever grateful.”

Peter further added that he and his wife have so many special memories with June and Angus. They shared amazing holidays together, from caravanning trips to  the Cape and Kruger and  overseas trips and cruises. They shared so much laughter as they became ‘pensioners’ together, always seeing the funny side of ‘old age’.

“June’s passing definitely leaves a huge hole in our hearts, she will be sorely missed by all who knew her.”

Mac Nicols were also affected by the flooding and the riots in June 2021, but the resort remains open and operational and has been and is currently run by Ian and Colleen.

The Mac Nicol Bazley Beach resort is less than 100km from Durban and is situated on the banks of the breathtaking Ifafa Lagoon. The caravan park boasts mesmerising countryside views and is everything anyone  needs for a perfect getaway.

The family owned caravan park has been awarded a 4 star grading status for their accommodation offerings including Caravans and self-catering chalets, and they continue to strive and live up to this honour. Though in our opinion, their caravan park is nothing short of 5 star with tons of local activities for both grandparents and grandchildren alike.

The park will continue to run and remain open during this time as usual.

Please click here to read more about this wonderful resort and make a  booking.Similarly, you can use the enquiry form below to send them your own heartfelt condolences and messages of support.

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