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Conqueror Northgate 4

You’ll keep coming back to Conqueror Northgate


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“Conqueror is the leader in the market when it comes to 4×4 caravan construction. With more than 20 years of development in suspensions, body construction, and electronics, we pride ourselves in building not only the best but also the strongest 4×4 caravan in SA, true to our ‘Military Tough’ slogan. All new developments are being done by the Conqueror shop owners that play a very active role in the day-to-day operations of Conqueror. Join our Conqueror family now and experience the difference.”
– Vivian Torlage, Owner Conqueror Northgate

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Once you become part of the Conqueror family, you’re in it for life! For nobody is this more true than Vivian Torlage, the owner of Conqueror Northgate.

Vivian bought his first Conqueror caravan, a Commander unit, in 2008.  For three years he was a happy Conqueror camper, and when in 2011 he heard that dealership franchises will become available, he got into the business.

It wasn’t long before Vivian was on top of his game: Conqueror Northgate has won numerous awards… in South Africa as well as internationally!

The secret to their success? Ensuring the best service for their clients.

“A big part of our clientele are those who buy their second, third or fourth Conqueror,” says Vivian.

“We pride ourselves on the repeat sales. We understand that clients like to upgrade their caravan or trailer every couple of years. That’s why we really take care of our clients when it comes to service.

“Three of the mechanics in our on-site workshop have been here since 2011 when the shop started. These guys are very good in what they do

“I take very good care of my staff, because it’s tough to get staff trained up to that level where they can get things right the first time.

“I spend a lot of time on my staff with training and paying them what they are worth – because in the end, they will be taking care of my clients.”

Conqueror Northgate 1

Conqueror Northgate

Operating hours
Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm
Saturday & Holidays: 8am – 1pm

181 Lever Road

Apart from excellent service in selling new Conqueror caravans and trailers, the Northgate branch also deals in second-hand units of all brands.

And speaking of excellent service, Vivian and his team offer some nice add-on services such as valet and cleaning for caravans.

For the past couple of years they have also been focusing on new development.

“So all the Conqueror insta-awns and such comes from the Conqueror Northgate shop, where it is made,” says Vivian.

“We also have a tent shop on site. Anything a client wants to have made, even a little bag or some canvas panels, it can be done in shop… usually while you wait!”

But wait, there’s more! As part of the 5000 square metre Conqueror Northgate dealership, there is also a premium camping equipment shop.

Vivian says: “We approach the camp shop a bit different to the big wholesalers. We invest in stock that is used in and around the caravans.

“Quality is the most important thing – we stock only the best. All the equipment in our shop are the top of range items.”

Conqueror Northgate shop

It’s clear that Vivian and his team are also at the top of their game… so what’s next?

“Getting the rental fleet up and running again,” says Vivian.

“During the lockdown, with the restriction on travel and not being able to get enough stock in, we sold most of the rental units.

“We also want to expand our secondhand sales. And not just for Conqueror, in all brands. We want to give a bigger variety. Again, it’s all about giving the client the best service.

“If you are looking for a second-hand unit, Conqueror Northgate is the place to come. We pride ourselves that every secondhand caravan goes out with a six-month warranty. Each units gets full service, and we do a full handover to client.

“But this is not all… let’s just say that big things are coming in 2021!”


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