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Kavango split beds

Kavango split beds


I thought some of your readers may be interested in the modification I made to my Echo 4×4 Kavango.

We are a retired couple living on the Natal coast and really found the Kavango to be an ideal caravan, since it’s all fibreglass and stainless steel (no rust or dreaded wood rot). Another advantage is it fits into the garage with ease.

Being in our seventies, one problem we did have was getting in and out of bed. Getting in meant crawling on hands and knees from the end of the bed, while getting out meant you had to crawl down on your backside and get off the end. Making the bed was also another challenge.

I wanted to solve these problems by modifying the bed into two singles, but did not want to compromise the manufacturer’s original design (for resale reasons). I managed to do it, and by removing 4 screws, the caravan can be returned to original design.

I used PVC fencing panels that are light and strong, some aluminium pole and fittings and promoted the original table and mattresses to a shelf in the garage.

The beds are now easy to make, and getting in and out is a doddle.

Mike and Elna Hawthorn

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