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Jurgens Exclusive 2011 model for sale!


This caravan has now been sold!

This immaculate caravan was purchased new from Natal Caravans and has been a one-owner caravan all its life. It has always been stored under cover at the owner’s home in Pietermaritzburg and is in pristine condition.

The caravan is fitted with four Ewiks caravan movers, and has recently had a motor upgrade kit, which includes 2 new electrical boxes, with variable fuses.

An automatic satellite finder has been fitted to the roof, which allows you to select a satellite within 20 seconds.

Satellite controls and TV are fitted in the van with a space for a DSTV decoder.

The seating configuration and table has been changed to accommodate 4 people.

There is a Panasonic air conditioner is fitted in the van with hot and cold functions, perfect for summer or winter.

A new microwave oven was recently fitted and the original mattress has been replaced with a good quality, comfortable Bamboo mattress. It has various plug points that have been added for ease of use and it comes with a tank buddy.

This caravan is fitted with a tow bar and is capable of towing a small luggage trailer or a bike carrier.

The rear of the caravan has been modified for the use of an outside washing area, with hot and cold running water, canopy and LED light.

The front of the caravan has a blanket cover for protection against dust ingress and stone chips.

A sway bar is included in the sale, not that it’s necessary on a 4-wheel, double axle caravan.

It has a great rally awning with poles and 2 open weave mats. It also has a full tent and poles, which has only been erected 3 times since the purchase of the caravan, making it almost brand new. By removing the inside table, that area can be converted into a ¾ bed.


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