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Prototype: Jurgens Ci Bonzai teardrop caravan


Jurgens has unveiled another B license-ready product: A teardrop caravan named Bonzai.

The Bonzai is a classic teardrop design, with the entire interior floor being a bed, and an outside kitchen at the back under a fold-up door.

Inside the little caravan has cupboards against the ceiling both at the front and the back (with reading lights underneath). The roof vent can open to provide fresh air.

Access to the trailer is via a door on the passenger side of the unit. On the right side is a big window. However, Jurgens has informed Caravan & Outdoor Life that they are busy designing a Bonzai variant that has doors on both sides, after receiving such requests and inquiries at the show.

Opening the big kitchen door at the back reveals four drawers at the top, in front of which is a narrow shelf / work surface.

Below the shelf on the left is a cupboard, with a microwave in the middle, and a slide-out rail for a fridge/freezer on the right. A welcome element on the Bonzai is the clip-on washbasin and dry rack that fits on the side, next to the entry door.

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