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Jingle all the way from now to Christmas, City of Gold!


CaravanSA has cherry-picked Joburg’s grandest outdoor lifestyle specials to get you kitted for the upcoming festive season before we finally close the book on the longest year of them all.

For Western Cape deals with Tuinroete Woownwaens in Mosselbaai please use this link for a different set of new and used local caravan specials.

Whether 2020 prodded you into an upgrade, or toning things down a notch, or simply recognising the value of family and wanting to invest in an improved holiday homestead for all (because, sigh, isn’t that what we all need right about now?), you’ve come to the right place.

Scroll down for our ultimate wish list of on- and off-road caravans, gravel roaders and trailers that will suit any getaway, regardless of the slant or altitude.

Wondering why you should get in touch now and not wait for December specials? Because, of all things arduous and uncertain this year, November 2020 has, rather excitingly, proclaimed itself as Black Friday Month! Initially an American tradition occurring on the day after Thanksgiving – when bargain hunters took the shops by storm for stock clearance sales – Black Friday has steadily morphed into the day that marks the beginning of the festive shopping season. So yes! Christmas is officially on our doorstep!

But enough about America. Let’s see what bargains are seeded in this borrowed tradition back on South African turf. Carnival Caravans and Camping have left a little easter egg for those visiting their showroom, where even more exclusive deals wait to be discovered. So why not give them a call and strike up a deal?

Also keep an eye out for accessories like water pumps, cooling fans, reflective tarps, gazebos, awnings, lawn chairs and more. The whole kit and caboodle is up for sale! Carnival Caravans and Camping has everything you need at a price that’s guaranteed not to break your Christmas spirit. 😉

But do not despair if you can’t make it to the store. We’ve built a nifty contact form below and Carnival Caravans and Camping pride themselves on replying within 24 hours. They are happy to set aside your stock items for delivery.

Take a look at these fab caravan specials below on both new and pre-owned models:

All specials and deals are listed below, and remember, T&C’s apply – and first come is first served. 😉

Check out the new caravan selection in this carousal below

Carnival Caravans SPECIALS pricelist


Original Price

2020 Special

You Save

New Caravans & Trailers

Jurgens LT1500 Trailer R18 999 R17 999 R1 000
Gypsey Lite Caravan R153 900 R149 900 R4 000
Gypsi Impi Caravan R163 900 R159 900 R4 000
Sprite Sprint Caravan R245 000 R229 000 R16 000
Sprite Swing Caravan R275 500 R260 000 R15 500
Safari Trooper X4 Off-road Caravan R311 200 R299 900 R11 300
Sprite Tourer SW Gravel Road Caravan R324 400 R304 400 R20 000
Safari Xcape Off-road Caravan R349 900 R329 900 R20 000
Jurgens Penta 138 Caravan R359 900 R339 900 R20 000
Jurgens Exclusive GS Caravan R444 900 R424 900 R20 000

Check out the pre-owned caravan selection in this carousal below

Pre-owned Caravans


Original Price

2020 Special

You Save

2015 Challenger Wilderness 310 Trailer R45 000 R40 000 R5 000
1997 Sprite Super Sport Caravan R74 500 R69 000 R5 500
2010 Jurgens XT140 – SOLD Off-road Trailer R89 900 R79 900 R10 000
2006 Gypsey Regal – SOLD Caravan R119 500 R109 500 R10 000
2007 Gypsey Regal Caravan R129 900 R119 900 R10 000
2006 Gypsey Romany Caravan R139 900 R129 900 R10 000
2010 Sprite Sprint Caravan R149 900 R129 900 R20 000
2020 Gypsey Lite Blue Caravan R153 900 R139 900 R14 000
2020 Gypsey Lite Impi Caravan R163 900 R159 900 R4 000
2012 Sprite Sprint Caravan R169 900 R149 900 R20 000
2013 Jurgens Fleetline 125 TDK Caravan R189 900 R179 900 R10 000
2008 Jurgens Exclusive – SOLD Caravan R229 900 R219 900 R10 000
2013 Jurgens Penta TDK Caravan R249 900 R229 900 R20 000
2012 Jurgens Xplorer Off-road Caravan R269 900 R249 900 R20 000
2015 Conqueror COMPANION Off-road Caravan R299 900 R279 900 R20 000
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