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Global camping and caravanning is set for stardom!


Global camping and caravanning is about to reach new record highs and if recent statistics are correct, we are headed in the direction of major prosperity within the industry. Even with the slight hiccup of Covid lockdowns, a fiscus that can only be termed sluggish and rising petrol prices, more and more people are feeling the pull of the outdoors so they can reset themselves in nature. And … it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Start off with a small tent, a simple gas cooker and something comfortable to sleep on. You can work your way up slowly to the caravan or the motorhome of your dreams. We call it outdoor G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome). So it’s not all doom and gloom, especially for us on the southern tip of Africa where we enjoy some of the best inland and seaside resorts in the world.

Market research published by Global Industry Analysts Inc. indicates clearly that global market trends show very favourable growth in the camping and caravanning industry for the coming years.

Medolino Caravan Park

What do the figures suggest?

Well, even with Covid putting a spanner in the works of the 2020 statistics, close to 50 billion US dollars was spent within the camping and caravanning market. Read some informative caravan reviews here. This figure is projected to reach a staggering 71 billion dollars by 2026. That is incredible growth and development in the industry and is something we can look forward to in the near future in South Africa.

What makes South Africa so fertile for caravan and camping?

  • Vast scenic geography
  • Numerous beaches and seafront resorts
  • Numerous inland resorts
  • Varied landscapes from desert to lush forests
  • South Africans love being outdoors
  • Temperate climatic conditions (camp all year round)
  • A variety of caravan, motorhome, trailer manufactures and dealers
  • Ons braai nou nou

What can we expect within the South African industry?

With such staggering growth forecast for the industry, it is clear that there will be a positive trickle-down effect in the form of competitive resort rates and rental rates and with an influx of manufacturers, there will be more competitive caravan, motorhome and trailer pricing as the market expands. This will ultimately lead to increased travel. Click here for our latest travel stories. 


So, it’s not all doom and gloom. Tourism is set to boom in South Africa when the final lockdown handcuffs are removed and this is good news for the economy and the camping and caravan industry. Click here for all the latest caravan industry news. 

CaravanSA encourages safe travel and tourism practices and policies at local resorts and destinations. Remember to sanitise regularly and keep a safe distance when engaging with other campers and resort staff. If you’re looking for cost effective sanitising solutions for your personal or business use click on the link for our recommended supplier.  Click here for all your sanitising products.

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