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Review by Meghan Spilsbury photos by Jess Fogarty

Greensport Impala Turbo tent

It may be heavy to carry, but this durable canvas Impala tent from Greensport has to be one of the easiest, fastest and most manageable that we’ve tested to date!

Tent review When I heard that the Impala I had to test was a fairly spacious canvas tent that could expand to accommodate a fully grown man standing up, I had visions of spending hours battling a heavy, complicated and intimidating structure. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. With my colleague Jess in tow, I set off to see how much of a battle this durable bushbuck would entail.

Having removed the tent from its sausage-shaped bag, we simply unclipped the harnessing buckle and unravelled it. We then pulled the metal struts (which serve as the framework of the tent) outwards, snapping the hinges rigidly into place. Try to imagine a bent elbow locking in a straight-arm position. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the heavy canvas material was already attached to the frame by way of permanent clawshaped clips. Okay, so when do we start sweating? The centre point of the tent is held in place by a round mechanism that holds all the metal poles in place at the apex. The poles are never removed from this point, and simply collapse in on themselves when the tent is deconstructed.

We effortlessly secured the four corners of the tent with the stainless steel pegs provided. Granted, they were a little bigger than the ones that come with a smaller tent, but this canvas is heavy, and you don’t want it being ripped from the ground in a strong wind. We then established which way the flysheet (also canvas) was meant to face, and with a little tug slid it over the top of the tent and positioned it correctly, covering all four corners neatly.

Now for the part that really took my fancy: securing the flysheet. This often entails guy ropes and battling more pegs, but with the Impala, all you need to do is clip the flysheet onto the main body of the tent – it’s that easy. The flysheet has one half of the clip while the main tent corners have the other. Genius!

All that was left for us to do was erect the canopy at the front of the tent. The canopy has two holes at the end of the flap of canvas: you simply slot the poles through the holes, secure them with an attachable guy rope and – voila, done! The tent has two windows, a door and two air vents, so there’s plenty of ventilation and air movement throughout the space. Another really great feature is the material.

Sure, canvas is heavy, but it is super durable and offers a little extra comfort in terms of temperature control and water protection – ideal if you plan on spending a weekend in nature with Mom or a couple of girlfriends. The two storage pouches, one on either side of the tent, give you somewhere safe to keep all the nifty little gadgets that you may need, such as a torch or cellphone. With plenty of space, an incredibly fast set-up time and a particularly convenient pack-up process, the Greensport Impala will be a major contender on your ‘which tent should I choose’ list!

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