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Swift Caravans Growing swiftly


Since the first Swift caravan arrived from Europe on South Africa’s shores in September 2018, almost all of the 29 units have been sold. And of the next shipment of 8 caravans on its way (at the time of going to print), most have already been allocated to customers.

Swift Caravans, sold exclusively in South Africa at Loftus Caravan City in Randburg (Gauteng) and Cara-Camp in Somerset-West (Western Cape), have gone through both South African SABS and UK product approval and come with a full warranty.

Good news for caravanners wanting to upgrade to international camping standards is that Absa and Wesbank have both given product approval and are willing provide financing for the Swifts.

Woody Loftus, from Loftus Caravan City, says: “There have been almost zero problems with the Swift products. This is probably as a result of the high standard that European manufacturers are subjected to.

“That said, we already have stock of all the components that we have found in our many years in the industry to sometimes need replacing or repair on caravans.”

There are currently four models in the imported Swift range, all with a timberless construction using fiberglass and Polyurethane instead of wood, which makes it extremely light and durable, and eliminates wood rot.

The latest layout has a north-south island bed. Woody says this is a very popular layout in South Africa, which is one of the reasons for deciding to import the single-axle Atlantic de Lux.

The new 2019 models also have new colour schemes and an upgraded Bluetooth touch screen control systems.

Because they know how much South Africans also like living outside their caravans, Loftus also installs a unique outside slide-out kitchen on the units.

Swift in the United Kingdom builds over 8 500 new caravans a year; and if one includes motorhomes and park homes the figure is over 14 000.

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