Sneak Preview: Maxmo Arizona X


Leon Ras has given us a sneak preview of his new Maxmo Arizona X.

The compact touring camper for two persons has been designed for long distance travel in Africa and Australia or places like Patagonia or even, you guessed it, destinations like Arizona and North Carolina.

The vehicle can fit inside a 2.2m-high garage, and will fit into a shipping container for the adventurous who want to take their home-on-wheels all over the globe.

When not on tour, the customer can mount the seats in the second row for daily use and then remove them before going camping, to enable access to the inside kitchen and bathroom.

Access from the inside was one of Leon’s critical design elements. This enables you direct use of the inside kitchen, bathroom and queen bed when security, bad weather and wildlife make staying indoors preferable to getting out of the vehicle.

With the new Maxmo Space Roof raised, you have an impressive 2.2m of headroom, and customers have the option of rooftop aircon, sunroof and as much as 440W solar panels.


The Arizona X is a surprisingly adept touring vehicle with Grade 3 bad-road capability:

  • All wheel drive with rear diff lock;
  • Raised suspension with oversized All Terrain tyres;
  • Belly plates, winch, snorkel and raised breathers;
  • A range of up to 800km;
  • 400Nm torque from as low as 1 400 rpm!

The Arizona X has an inside kitchen with 18L travel fridge for the day’s drinks and grapes, as well as a fully-kitted camping kitchen at the rear with 75L dual door fridge, microwave oven and even a slide-out Weber braai if you wish!

A key design aim was to eliminate LPG as far as possible and most customers opt for the induction stove and electric geyser, where an advanced Lithium battery system will do the magic.

The battery can even drive the rooftop aircon for two hours without the engine running or being connected to a power supply.

The Maxmo Arizona and Nevada touring campers are built in Pretoria with approval from VW Germany and VWSA. Standard warranties remain and customers have access to a wide service network across Southern Africa, all the way to Tanzania and back for that matter.

Each customer is interviewed with the aim to understand their mission, camp style and budget to enable a relevant and optimised product that suits their needs.

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