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Important facts to know before towing a caravan or trailer


Many South Africans opt for caravan or trailer camping rather than camping in a tent. The first thing to usually always check whether it is a rental or your own, is how often the trailer or caravan has been serviced.

Yes, like a vehicle, a trailer or caravan needs servicing too as they tend to stand more than what they are used during the year. During your service, the following things need to be checked:

  • Brakes
  • Electrical connections (lights, cables)
  • Wheel bearings (need grease)
  • Tyres
  • Any cracks

To avoid any mishaps along the way of your trip, it is best to service your vehicle while your caravan or trailer is being serviced. So, what are the important facts to know before towing a caravan or trailer? Let’s take a look:

Do you have the right tools on board?

Before you pack your bags into your trailer or caravan, it is important to make sure that your vehicle can handle pulling the weight of your trailer or caravan. The weight of your vehicle can be found in the owners manual or on your licence disk. Your trailer or caravan weight should be checked too. With these numbers in mind, it is time to select the correct hitch for your next holiday needs.

Have you done a tyre check?

It is important to check the tyres of your vehicle, trailer or caravan. Are they inflated at the manufacturers recommended pressure level? This is a very important tip.

Is your everything in 100% working order?

Before you hit the road, and hook up your caravan or trailer, make sure that all your components are in working order. This includes your brake lights, parking lamps and hazards. It would be an absolute disaster to be in the middle of nowhere to set up camp and your lights do not work 100%.

Be cautious and alert when you are on the open road

Even though your trailer, caravan and vehicle is in working order, always be cautious while driving on the long road. Not just for the unexpected wild life that runs across the road, but also it is important that you make a stop about 20 – 30 minutes after you have departed on your journey to make sure your trailer or caravan is still secure.

After you have made your first stop, depending on how far your destination is, take breaks every couple of hours to do a tyre check again. Don’t just check if it is inflated, but check the temperature too. If a tyre is hot, it means that there might be a leak or it is lacking air. Taking extra cautions like these could ensure a safe trip!

Do you have any extras tips or facts to share with the caravan fraternity? Have you ever faced any mishaps along your journey that you have learnt from? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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