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Holidays have never been better, Pine Lodge Resort


Pine Lodge Resort is well manicured and each caravan and camping stand has electricity and water. There are numerous activities for the whole family, such as the Pirates Cove 9-hole minigolf course, a trampoline, jungle gym and a giant chess set. You can even take a donkey cart ride to the Cape Recife lighthouse. There is a basketball court for the kids, a games room with a pool table, darts, table tennis and mini soccer and a restaurant called Ziggy’s Rock & Reggae Restaurant that serves great pub meals for the whole family and good beer, while the Seagulls Coffee Shop offers light meals and freshly-baked bread and confectionaries in season.

Pine Lodge has 24-hour security and the only things that go missing there are when the Vervet monkeys steal your biscuits or any other tasty bites you might leave lying around. I was caught off guard while I had my back turned at the braai. I heard the ice cream tub, which I was using to store condiments, being opened in the car and sure enough, there was a Vervet monkey taking a bite out of my packet of salt. His dietician has definitely not imparted the hazards of a high salt intake.

Other activities offered at Pine Lodge are teambuilding, which includes highropes facilitation, ziplines, climbing walls and more. In the Top Shot Challenge, teams compete against each other at target shooting using a variety of weapons such as mini crossbows, slingshots and air rifles.

Keep an eye out for the cleaning staff, a family of resident meerkats that patrol the campsite with regularity and munch away at any scraps left lying around. They’re an efficient bunch with scant regard for the humans who so frequently encroach on their land with their mobile homes and tents.

Pine Lodge is a wonderful destination for the whole family. You’ll hear the laughter of children in the background, the crackle of braai fires and adults in happy conversation as they lounge in their comfortable camping chairs. It certainly is a tasty slice of good outdoor life.

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