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Gypsey Lite Pop-Top


Just four months after launching a brand new Gypsey Lite, Jurgens has revealed a pop-top version of the little caravan.

The Gyspey Lite was reintroduced in the last quarter of 2017, five years after production on the model stopped.

The latest model has a Tare of just 590kg, and with a GVM of 750kg and fitted with run-in brakes, it can be towed by almost any vehicle on the market (Tare over 750kg). The low GVM also allows anyone with a regular B license to legally tow the caravan.

The roof on the newly-revealed model does not pop up completely on all sides as with Jurgens’ bigger models, but rather in a “clam shell” style – with hinges on the front end of the caravan, opening up to the back.

The Gypsey Lite will be officially unveiled at the Beeld Holiday Show, 25 – 25 February at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.

Gypsey Lite pop-top

Gypsey Lite pop-top (artist impression)


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