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Grey luxury caravans ready to take flight


The development of one of South Africa’s most luxurious caravans is finally done – a production line is up and running, teething problems have been sorted out, and orders are open for the magnificent new Grey Airflight from Custom Campers.

The Grey will not be a mass production caravan to keep it exclusive. And while it is built as if it’s straight from Europe, the price on the other hand tells a different story – the Grey is priced to make you and your pocket happy.

The journey of the Grey actually starts back in 2019, when Fred from Custom Campers embarked on a mission to build the most exclusive caravan on the South African market.

After almost a year of working late nights, Fred and his family took the first Grey on maiden trip. While everyone loved the experience, Fred felt there was more to be done, since the caravan was not yet perfect.

Following some more updates to the Grey, it was displayed publicly for the first time at the 2020 Caravan Show at Gallagher Hall, where Fred and the team received tons of positive response of the public (and a few orders).

However, Fred was still not done improving his dream caravan.

“Lots of development was done and by 2021 Grey picked up speed quickly,” he says.

“I am proud to say that I am finally satisfied with what we have reached.”

Fred and Custom Campers are known for building high-quality overland vehicles, and the method of building the Grey is no different. The unique design is like no other in the world.

The Grey Airflight is built from superior materials with no chance of wood rot, and has a European-designed chassis which gives you a towing experience like no other caravan.

Plus, the Grey is a gravel roader and is more than capable of handling South African roads. The caravan is fitted with all the safety technology available in the world, which makes it one of the safest caravans to tow on your way to your destination.

The interior is in its own class in South Africa, with superior materials giving you a luxury 5-star feeling.

All the cupboards are CNC cut for preciseness and assembled by Custom Campers’ competent staff.

You enter the Grey to be greeted with a genuine leather luxury lounge area with complete bar and entertainment center (and is DSTV-ready).

Interior colors can be changed to fit your taste.

While you get to relax in the queen-size bed with proper mattress made and designed to fit the luxury experience, the lounge can be converted in to a comfy double bed for kids or grandchildren.

There is a small kitchen area inside with a large fridge/freezer, microwave, and dishwasher (optional).

The shower toilet is to dream of in a caravan.

Plugs with USB are fitted all over the interior for your convenience.

There is more than enough packing space to keep anyone happy.

The Grey is fitted with a 150L water tank and 20L geyser.

The Grey is fitted with a complete outside kitchen with porcelain and designer cutlery fitted in CNC-cut closed cell foam.

The outside panels is a composite sandwich panel made in the factory from fiber glass with an aluminum skeleton vacuumed in for structure integrity same as on the overland 4×4 vehicles.

There is ample space for storage in the front and rear boot and rear sides for tents tables’ ext.

The windows are made in house with armor-plated glass and heavy duty blind and fly screen.

The unique entry door is designed for the Grey by Fred and his team.

The sleek lines and design of the Grey will stand the test of time…


Height: 3 100 mm
Width: 2 300 mm
Length: 7 400 mm
Tare: 1 620 kg (may vary with customizations)
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    Francois Huysamen

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