Going big: Destination Caravans


There’s a new manufacturer ready to make a big splash in the road caravan market. And when we say big, we are talking about 9 METRES BIG.

Andre van Helsdingen, the man behind this massive luxury caravan, is no stranger to the industry.

Andre is one of the twin brothers behind the successful Twin Boats & Trailers. His brother, Riaan, started and ran the famous Sensation Caravans brand which he has recently sold.

Andre says that he decided to go into caravan manufacturing also after the sale of Sensation, when people kept on asking them for caravans because of the sterling reputation their companies had built up over the years.

He realised that there was a market for caravans that are not manufactured and controlled by big corporates. So, around May 2017, he started working on creating Destination Caravans.

Andre says: “It was very important for me not to downgrade in quality from Sensation (which is no longer part of our company), but actually to upgrade.

“The first three months were only head-work… planning and designing, and also thinking about how I was going to manufacture the caravan.

“I have a background in boat building, and I am planning to build a yacht to sail around the world. When I looked at the plans of this yacht and at the structure of the walls, this taught me that there is nothing better than PCV Core material combined with fibreglass.

“The advantage is that the core inside has structural integrity, not just space value like polystyrene; it also allows me to incorporate the caravan’s fibreglass process without needing glue. And it makes the caravan lighter and more stable.”

Destination Caravans will all be built on imported Al-Ko chassis, and all the safety features will be available as optional extras, including stabilisers, ATC Trailer Control, self-levelling electrical jacks, and more.

Andre is also importing the Dorema tents for his caravans, the best one can get in Europe.

Destination Caravans will launch with two models: Dream and Magic.

The Destination Dream is a huge double-axle van, measuring 9,1 metres long and 2,5 metres wide… just within the legal limit in South Africa.

Apart from the optional upgrades to the chassis, the Dream will also have the option of coming with up to TWO slide-out sections on the right-hand-side of the caravan. The front slide-out will increase the size of the dinette, while the back section is for the bedroom area, and will create more space at the foot of the sideways-positioned island bed.

The Magic is on a single axle, measuring 5 metres in length (5,8m with the A-frame), and the same width. This model will be available on regular suspension, as well as Al-Ko’s Enduro suspension, (independent coil springs with shock absorbers), which will allow the Magic to handle gravel roads.

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