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Tuinroete Woonwaens

Gear Up for an Unforgettable Camping Adventure with Tuinroete Camping and Caravans


As the golden rays of the South African sun stretch across the horizon, heralding the arrival of spring, it’s impossible not to feel a sense of exhilaration. The promise of longer days, warmer nights, and the great outdoors beckoning us with its natural beauty is enough to ignite anyone’s adventurous spirit. And what better way to embrace the splendors of this vibrant season than by embarking on a camping journey that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary?

Nestled in the heart of South Africa’s enchanting landscapes, Tuinroete Caravans and Camping emerges as your ultimate gateway to a world of outdoor exploration. Whether you’re an experienced camper or just dipping your toes into the waters of adventure, the treasures that await you at their onsite store are sure to leave you wide-eyed with wonder.

Picture this: a pristine campsite beneath a star-studded South African sky, a crackling campfire casting its warm glow, and the sound of laughter and camaraderie filling the air. It’s the quintessential camping experience, and it’s waiting for you at Tuinroete Caravans and Camping.

But what’s the heart and soul of any unforgettable camping adventure? It’s the gear that elevates your outdoor escapades from ordinary to extraordinary. And that’s precisely what Tuinroete Caravans and Camping specializes in—providing you with the finest, top-of-the-line camping equipment to ensure that your upcoming spring and summer adventures are nothing short of spectacular.

With school holidays on the horizon in October and December, now is the perfect time to gear up for unforgettable family outings and solo adventures alike. Tuinroete Caravans and Camping understands the unique magic of this season, and they’ve stocked their store with a selection of camping equipment that’s as diverse as the South African wilderness itself.

Whether you’re a seasoned camper looking to upgrade your setup or a first-time explorer seeking the essentials, their friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to guide you every step of the way.

If you are interested in any of the products listed below, get in touch with Tuinroete Woonwaens by filling in the enquiry form below, or visit their store at 18 Bolton Road, Voorbaai, Mosselbaai, 6506.



Experience superior shade and shelter with the Howling Moon Lapa. Crafted from durable 330g Polyester/Cotton ripstop material, this camping companion ensures longevity in the great outdoors.

The Howling Moon Lapa boasts 85% shadecloth, offering you respite from the sun’s scorching rays.
Don’t fret about the wind – the shelter comes equipped with four 16mm aluminium poles, providing exceptional stability even in strong winds.

Guy ropes and pegs are supplied for your convenience, making setup a breeze.

With a spacious 6m length and 1.2m height, you’ll have ample room to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Crafted from robust materials, the Howling Moon Lapa is designed for durability, ensuring it accompanies you on countless adventures.
Despite its strength, this shade wall and shelter weighs less than 5kg, making it manageable for transport.

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The OZtrail WArdrobe Cupboard is your ideal camping companion for a touch of luxury in the great outdoors. This spacious and versatile wardrobe offers maximum storage convenience, making it the perfect solution for keeping your camping experience organised and comfortable.

It’s designed for easy setup and portability, packing flat into the provided carry bag for hassle-free transportation. Inside, you’ll find four removable MDF shelves, each capable of holding up to 8 kilograms of weight. This ensures your clothes and accessories can be neatly organized, eliminating the need to rummage through your bags.

Durability is a key attribute of this wardrobe, thanks to its robust steel frame, which provides stability and longevity in rugged outdoor conditions. Mesh ventilation is also included to help keep your belongings fresh and odor-free.

Convenience is a priority, and the OZtrail Cupboard delivers with handy side mesh pockets for stowing smaller items, gadgets, or personal belongings, keeping your space tidy and clutter-free.

The frame is constructed from 14.5 mm round high tensile steel tube, ensuring its durability. The fabric is made from 150D Oxford Polyester, providing both toughness and a sleek appearance.

The wardrobe itself measures 90 x 50 x 141 cm, providing generous storage space without taking up too much room at your campsite. It weighs only 5.7 kilograms, making it a manageable addition to your camping gear, and when it’s time to pack up, it conveniently folds flat to a compact size of 94 x 52 x 8 cm, fitting snugly into the provided carry bag.

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This remarkable camping table is designed with adventure in mind. Whether you’re embarking on a wilderness expedition or simply enjoying a weekend camping getaway, this table is your go-to solution for all your outdoor dining and utility needs.

This table easily folds up when you’re on the move, making it a breeze to transport and set up at your campsite.

Crafted with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) table deck and a sturdy powder-coated steel frame, this table is engineered for durability. It can withstand the rigors of outdoor use, ensuring it will be your camping companion for many adventures to come.

Standing at 74cm tall, this table is ergonomically designed for comfortable use, whether you’re preparing meals, playing games, or simply enjoying a meal outdoors.

Ideal for camping and a wide range of outdoor activities, this table provides a stable and spacious surface for your camping stove, food prep, or to simply gather around for a meal with friends and family.

Available in two sizes: 120cm x 60cm (10kg), and 180cm x 74cm (12 kg)

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Expertly crafted using premium materials, this chair also boasts a groundbreaking patent-pending technology that allows it to shrink to a mere 1/16th of its size, making it remarkably compact and easy to store.

The Expander is made from durable Black 600D polyester, while the frame is constructed from robust Black powder-coated steel. This winning combination ensures longevity and sturdiness, supporting a generous load capacity of 115kg.

When folded, it measures a compact 61mm x 444.5mm x 417mm. Unfolded, it provides ample seating space at 521mm x 444.5mm x 787mm, with a comfortable seat height of 432mm.

Despite its impressive features, the Front Runner Expander Chair remains incredibly lightweight at just 4kg.
Intelligent features include a cup holder, a media pocket for your devices, a carry handle, and a utility pocket for your books, magazines, and maps.

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A harmonious blend of comfort and portability, this chair is thoughtfully designed with a robust frame and extra padding, ensuring an exceptional level of comfort that makes it the ideal choice for extended lounging. Whether you’re immersing yourself in a gripping book, basking in picturesque views, or simply relaxing with a refreshing drink, the Kaufmann Sofa Chair promises a stylish and comfortable experience.

The chair boasts a reinforced powder-coated steel frame, guaranteeing long-lasting durability, and is upholstered with high-quality 600D reinforced fabric that’s also UV-resistant.

Dimensions: 110 x 30 x 30cm
Weight: 6.24kg
Maximum Load Weight: 150kg
Warranty: 12 Months

Experience the epitome of relaxation with the Kaufmann Sofa Chair, whether you’re at home or embarking on outdoor adventures.



A pinnacle of comfort and relaxation. The Daybreak is the perfect option for anyone looking for a comfortable and durable outdoor recliner. With its high backrest and adjustable headrest, you can be sure that you’ll always be able to relax in comfort.
Crafted with a robust 19 mm round high tensile steel tube frame, it ensures durability and stability. The chair also boasts strong, supportive, ergonomically shaped molded plastic armrests for added comfort.
Constructed from hard-wearing, durable 600D polyester fabric with padded double-layer construction, this chair is built to withstand the test of time. It comes equipped with a convenient built-in adjustable pillow/headrest, enhancing your lounging experience.
With a weight rating of 120 kg and a comfortable seat height of 51 cm, this chair accommodates various users. Its dimensions of 51 x 50 x 117 cm offer ample space for relaxation. Weighing 7.3 kg, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and stability.
The Oztrail Lounge Daybreak Chair conveniently folds down to a pack size of 93 x 69 x 10 cm.

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A top-notch seating solution designed with your comfort in mind. This chair boasts a reclining backrest, offering you the extra comfort you need for your outdoor adventures.

Crafted with heavy-duty materials and a robust 22mm powder-coated steel frame, this chair is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

It’s not just durable; it’s also padded for enhanced comfort, ensuring you can relax in style.

With a generous weight capacity of 120kg, this chair can accommodate a wide range of users. When it’s time to pack up, the Tentco Classic Camp Chair conveniently folds down to a compact size of 99 x 56 x 11cm, making it easy to transport and store.

Weighing just 5kg, it’s the perfect balance of portability and stability.

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Illuminate your surroundings with the Ultratec Back-Up 800 Lumen LED Lantern with Power Bank Twin Pack. Whether you’re facing load shedding at home or embracing nature’s adventures, these lanterns deliver a total of 800 lumens, powered by 24 LEDs.

Fueled by rechargeable 5500mAh lithium batteries, they provide dual light sources or ensure you have a reliable backup lantern whenever needed. Transport and protection are a breeze with the included nylon bag.

Beyond lighting, these lanterns also serve as power banks, ensuring your smartphone and compatible devices stay charged throughout your journey. You can easily recharge them via the internal USB cables or with the MS1039-SP solar panel (sold separately), offering versatility and convenience.

Tailor your lighting experience with high and low power switch settings and enjoy up to 50 hours of runtime, thanks to the impressive 10,000-hour LED lifespan. Plus, in the event of a power outage, these lanterns automatically turn on, providing immediate illumination and keeping you prepared for any situation.

The Ultratec Back-Up 800 Lumen LED Lantern with Power Bank Twin Pack is the ideal lighting solution for your outdoor escapades and power backup needs, combining efficiency and convenience in one package.

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For all your outdoor adventures, road trips, or the simple need for a steaming cup of coffee on the move, there’s no match for the Stanley Classic Vacuum Flask.

With an unbeatable lifetime guarantee and crafted from premium stainless steel that’s naturally BPA-free, this flask stands in a league of its own.

Its thoughtful design includes an insulated lid that cleverly doubles as a cup, making it exceptionally portable and hassle-free.

Whether you crave a hot brew or icy refreshment, the Stanley Classic Vacuum Flask outperforms the competition. It keeps your beverages piping hot for an impressive 45 hours, ice-cold for a remarkable 48 hours, and iced for an astounding 192 hours.

The newly designed pour-thru stopper ensures a smoother and more convenient pour, while the updated handle and double-wall construction enhance durability and ease of handling. And when it’s time for cleaning, rest easy knowing it’s dishwasher safe.

Available in 1L and 1.9L size. Colours: Black, Blue, Green

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Meet your reliable companion for road trips and camping adventures. This ingenious mug allows for effortless one-handed drinking with a simple button press, ensuring no spills, splashes, or leaks.

Its thoughtfully designed shape fits comfortably in your vehicle’s cupholder (73 mm x 73mm x 222mm), and it boasts the remarkable ability to keep your coffee piping hot for hours. Even better, the lid can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

In terms of performance, it can keep your beverages hot for up to 7 hours, maintain their chill for 10 hours, and preserve icy refreshment for an astonishing 30 hours.

Digging into the details, this mug is crafted from top-quality 18/8 Stainless Steel and is entirely BPA-free, ensuring both durability and safety. It features double-wall vacuum insulation to ensure your drink remains at the perfect temperature.

Designed to be entirely leakproof and highly compact, it’s your perfect companion for life on the move. The user-friendly trigger-action, push-button lid simplifies sipping, and the lid is easy to disassemble for hassle-free cleaning.

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This folding clothes line is designed to be fully portable and effortlessly set up, making it a perfect companion for camping trips.
Weighing just 2.2kg and folding down to a compact size of 90cm x 25cm x 13cm, this clothes line is incredibly portable and lightweight, ensuring it’s easy to carry wherever you need it.

Crafted with a sturdy frame made of 38mm aluminium tubing, the 4 reinforcement arms ensure excellent weight distribution and provides maximum drying area.

The PVC rope and loops attached to the base of the feet support pegs for secure placement. Setting up is a breeze with its super quick folding style, and the wide base stand, accompanied by 3 metal screw-down pegs, provides extra stability, especially in outdoor settings.

The Companion Portable Folding Clothes Line boasts dimensions of 1350L x 1350W x 1400H (mm) when open, offering ample space for your laundry. It can hold a maximum load of 20kg.

For added convenience, it comes with a zippered carry bag, making transport and storage a hassle-free experience.

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The Campaid Foldup Double Step is your ultimate solution for reaching those hard-to-access spots effortlessly. Whether it’s your caravan or any other high-reaching area, this double step is designed to make your life easier.

This versatile double step folds up flat for convenient storage and transportation. It features two well-placed steps at heights of 20cm and 40cm, ensuring that you have the perfect options for your specific needs. Plus, it offers an impressive weight capacity of 150kg, providing robust and dependable support for users of various sizes.

With the Campaid Foldup Double Step, you can confidently access your desired spots without any hassle, making your outdoor adventures and tasks more accessible and enjoyable.

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