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Fun activities to do on your next caravan trip that everyone can enjoy


Caravanning with family, friends and fur companions is  always nothing short of amazing and it is  one of the top leisure activities  that all South African families love to enjoy.

For some, going on holiday in a caravan may seem boring without  plenty to do, but little do they know that it is all about finding things  to do and that everyone will enjoy.

Whether you are embarking on a fun-filled family holiday to a beautiful seaside resort, or you fancy a romantic trip for two, there is a lot to experience in Mother Nature’s beautiful outdoors. It is possible to squeeze a long list of activities into a short trip with the few fun ideas below and truly make your next caravan holiday a  memorable one.

Enjoy all things that Mother Nature has to offer for free:

From fresh air to mesmerizing scenery, hikes, walks, mountain climbs and going on fun, easy walks during your holiday stay is a must! After all, we do live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Many caravan sites nowadays are conveniently located so that you can enjoy the flora and fauna around you. It also presents a wonderful opportunity to spot your favourite birds or wild animals.

Board games are a good idea:

From Uno to Jenga, Monopoly to Checkers, there are many board games that you could take along with you on your trip for everyone to enjoy. Board games are a great way to spend family time during rainy days and they are a lot of fun.

Nothing like a lekker braai:

Not only does this make you think of roasting marshmallows and dining on delicious food, but you can also get cosy in a blanket while sitting around the fire, but you can also tell scary stories or play campfire games. The choice is yours!

Take your bicycles along: 

Cycling get your heart rate up and it is a great way to discover new places and get around. If you are in the mood, you can even go mountain biking for a bit of an off-road adventure.

You may feel artistic, bring along your paints:

The gorgeous nature around you might just spark some creative inspiration. You can  paint a landscape, or flowers  and animals that you spot on your trip. This is also a great hands-on activity for kids if you’re travelling as a family.

Bring your books:

There’s nothing like getting stuck into a good book paired with a warm cup of tea and some biscuits. And, if you have kids, bring along their favourite childhood books to explore in a new outdoor setting.

Go for a dip in the pool:

Most caravan parks offer excellent leisure amenities, and a swimming pool is just that. If you like to swim, then clocking a few laps or lengths is a wonderful way to spend a hot summer’s day, and cool down.

In the end, not everything needs to be a big day out – there are lots of other activities to do on a caravan holiday to keep everyone entertained:

  • Pick a name for your caravan
  • Note down all the attractions you’ve visited in the area
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset
  • Have your neighbors’ over for a braai
  • Stargaze with a late-night picnic
  • Play a ball game on the beach
  • Do yoga outside
  • Go wildlife watching
  • Invent a new board game
  • Learn a magic trick
  • Try new food
  • Collect 10 postcards from different locations
  • Pick up a keepsake from each location
  • Create a message in the sand using shells
  • Build a sand animal on the beach
  • Watch a huge event in your caravan (sporting or otherwise)
  • Learn a new language
  • Finish a book

It’s not just couples who can enjoy a getaway break in a caravan, families can too! Most caravan parks are located in stunning scenery and plenty of beautiful countryside with endless opportunities for walking, hiking, fishing lakes and more, but most importantly simply taking in the natural beauty that the  countryside  has to offer.

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