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Where are the new Jurgens caravans?

  • George Erasmus
    George Erasmus
    George Erasmus on

    With the reader in last month’s issue, I too have been waiting for the new Jurgens range – that’s seven months now! As for the Hoefer Group, I think it’s been two years since we heard that this caravan was coming to market… and also still nothing! Why do you write about caravans that are unavailable?

    And what’s happened to all the dealers? I don’t see them anymore, except those in Gauteng.

    Kind Regards,
    George Erasmus

    ADMIN Kimberley
    ADMIN on

    Our apologies, George – in media there is hot news and then there is not-so hot news. And then there is the desire to keep readers abreast of what is happening in the marketplace.

    The current Jurgens scenario is something that we have not encountered before and is the cause of significant speculation: some bad, and some good. The truth is difficult to establish as there has been a massive exodus of senior staff, coupled with new owners finding their way.

    Unfortunately, after being launched at the Beeld Holiday Show late last year, the new Jurgens range was subsequently refused by some dealers on the grounds that they were too heavy and that the finish was poor… or so we are told. In addition, the factory went on strike.

    Rather than launch a substandard product to the public, the new management made the decision to iron out all the problems first, as well as to try reducing the heavier GVM weight that the new range had gained.

    The result? There has been no Jurgens or Sprite advertising to promote the product in recent months, and this has had a negative impact on the brands and dealers who have been clamouring for used caravans to sell on their floors.

    As for the Hoefer Group caravan… well, let’s just say that we have a new policy to write about new products only when they are available – or we’d need to see a demo, at least. Lesson learnt…

    The lack of new caravans from market-leader Jurgens CI has opened the door for smaller manufacturers, who are picking up the slack by upping production for new product, and reporting personal record sales.

    Some dealers have taken on new franchises, some have been burning the midnight oil to develop their own product, and, sadly, some may become casualties in these trying times.

    But forget the gossip. According to ENatis figures, Jurgens Ci still had the highest number of new-caravan registrations as at the end of March, followed by Conqueror, Mobi Lodge, Skipper and Sensation.

    Kind Regards,
    Godfrey Castle

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