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What’s going on at Jurgens?

  • Peter Mayweather
    Peter Mayweather
    Peter Mayweather on

    After reading about the new Jurgens models in the December issue of your publication, we couldn’t wait to see these first-hand.

    We have since been to a number of dealers, but after six months, many still don’t have stock. Or, more worrying, they do not have much to say about these caravans that is good!

    Excessive weight, poor quality, cracking A-frames, kinked plumbing… the list endless

    As a respected publication that we rely on for truth and transparency, what are your comments?

    ADMIN Kimberley
    ADMIN on

    Hi, John. To understand the situation, we have to look at Jurgens’ recent history: The fact is that no sooner had Jurgens Ci launched a long and overdue range of new models when the holding company (Imperial) sold Jurgens CI lock stock and barrel. The new owners walked straight into a factory plagued with labour dispute and unrest.

    I guess when bringing new caravans to market under such trying circumstances, there has to be fallout. And yes, while the world has gone lightweight in caravans, the new Jurgens models appear to have gained weight – or is that extra GVM there to allow more packing space?

    What has happened in the interim is that while they were refining the new range, production switched back to the previous models. We are told that the new models might be ready for dispatch soon – until then, we can’t comment.

    Meanwhile, because of the shortage of new caravans, the second-hand market has boomed, with dealerships switching their focus to used caravans in order to survive.

    It also seems that all those with a workshop and some skill are building their own caravans – maybe we’ll see some exciting new designs in the market soon.

    – Godfrey Castle

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