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WeighStar Capacity Upped to 2000kgs

  • Fyko van der Molen
    Fyko van der Molen on

    WeighStar, the handy jack-top weigh scale, is now able to measure wheel or axle weights up to 2000kgs.

    This was done primarily at the behest of our American cousins who enjoy heavier vehicles. In this country axle weights above 1000kg are quite rare on private vehicles.

    The readout in pounds is also to satisfy their non-metricated minds.

    For those not familiar with the DIY clip-on jack-top attachment see the attachment


    Josef Konrad
    Josef Konrad on

    Wouldn’t a circular load cell sit more easily on top of the jack?


    Fyko van der Molen
    Fyko van der Molen on

    Hi Joe,

    You might be thinking of DYLF-102. That’s a pancake load cell that would be very easy to adapt to a jack-top mounting.

    But there’s a couple of problems:

    1. It only comes in 1000kg capacity, so it won’t satisfy the guys with the heavy vehicles that we’re addressing with this upgrade.
    2. There’s no dealer for them in SA, which means direct import from China. And since about a year or 2 ago there’s someone (or many) in the import pipeline that seeks out shipments containing enough metal to make a trip to the scrap dealer worthwhile. And then it quietly disappears without trace. Load cell contain lots of lovely stainless steel that these folks can’t resist.

    So unless the package is under the watchful eye of a courier such as Buffalo Couriers, who closely monitor the parcel’s progress, the chances of receiving your purchase intact are about zero. And to get Chinese shippers to use the shipping channel that you want is not always easy.

    However I’ve very recently found a shipper who might do just that. The second I get an agreement that he’ll use the shipper of my choice I’ll order a few. After that it only takes 10 – 14 days to get them in my hand and we’re rolling.

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