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Weather Warning

  • FransSmit
    FransSmit on

    Vanaf Yellow Sands: WEATHER WARNING ??? ⚠️⚠️⚠️

    Weather warning: 92km/h wind expected this afternoon.

    The official prediction for the gale strength this afternoon is 92km/h. An alert has been issued by the SA Weather Service also notes that driving will be hazardous in Buffalo City Metro.

    SAWS stated: “A gale force wind of 40 to 50 knots (92km/h) is expected onshore between Plettenberg Bay and Port St Johns and offshore between Plettenberg Bay and Port Edward.

    “A warning of strong winds resulting in hazardous driving conditions was issued for Buffalo City, Nelson Mandela Bay, Bitou, Ndlambe and Ngqushwa.”

    There is a warning of high seas of 6m to 9m between Plettenberg Bay and Port Edward.

    There is also a strong possibility that small boats will be badly affected by the gale.

    Francois Huysamen
    Francois Huysamen
    Francois Huysamen on

    Thanks for the warning Frans. I have shared it with our online following.

    Hope everyone stays safe!

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