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Water Heater

  • Shamba
    Shamba on

    I have a Merc Sprinter I converted to a camper, I need info on fitting a water heater for a shower and for the basin. What I need to know if there are Gas/220/12V small enough and how do I go about fitting a heater and where to get one?

    imported_Carav on

    Hi Shamba,

    We contacted Motorhome-World with your query. This is their response.

    “Motorhome-World uses a 19ltr Hansen geyser throughout our models, it is a locally manufactured geyser, specifically for leisure use. The unit heats by means of 220v or LPG. 12volt is not considered for efficiently heating water.
    With the 220v/LPG unit you will need to make a hole in the camper / motorhome walls as to vent to excess heat and burnt gasses outside. Should you not wish to make any hole, there is also a 220v only unit available.
    Recommended (as per supplier) with this geyser is a 12volt pressure water pump with max. pressure 1.8bar and a water pressure expansion tank to stabilize any fluctuations in pressure.
    you can view / buy the unit online at or visit any of our branches to do the same. Price R6,200 incl vat for the dual 220v/LPG geyser.”

    Hope this helps :)
    The CaravanSA team

    SEL1 on

    I have Eco geysers which are perfect for Caravans. Environmentally friendly, contains no element, unique induction heating technology, reaches temperatures of up to 50′ Celsius, energy efficient water heating solution. Retails R4500

    Does not operate with Gas!!!

    erdeniz ergin
    erdeniz ergin on

    12 Volt DC Condensing caravan gas boiler ( RV Boiler )

    Storage Tank Capacity :16 liter
    Electric heating capacity : 12 Volt 200 Watt for Solar
    Gas heating capacity : 8 kW
    Premix burner
    Water pressure safety
    Temperature safety
    Waterless fire safety
    Gas inlet: 3/8”
    Hot water outlet : 3/8”
    Cold water inlet : 3/8”
    Height : 330 mm
    Diemeter: 358 mm
    Airintake duct : 50 mm
    Exhaust duct: 25 mm
    Wi-Fi Controller12 Volt DC RV Caravan Condensing gas and electric boiler

    Anthony Sibiya
    Anthony Sibiya on

    Hi Shamba.

    I have been using a Hansen  geyser 220V and LPG, 19 L on my self built off road trailer since 2016. No hassles at all after all.tjese years through Kalahari sand, Savuti water and mud and rattles and corrugation ofbthebkess beaten roads. I recommend Hansen without reservation. These geysers are also small and use little gas

    Anonymous on

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