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Wanted: Spare gas burner

  • KDan
    KDan on

    Unfortunately, the company who was working on our caravan lost the burner that fits over the gas flame on the stove and we are unable to replace it.

    I have included a picture in the hope that some good caravan Samaritan may be able to come to our aid!

    Alternatively, does anyone have an idea what the make of the stove is and where I could get a replacement? Any help or suggestions welcome.

    ADMIN on

    Caravan and Outdoor Life’s group publisher, Godfrey Castle’s, response:
    That looks like the old Defy Traveller stove fitted in older CI caravans; a nice unit as it had a griller underneath for anything from toast to warming up last night’s braai leftovers.

    We Spoke to Woody Loftus at Loftus Caravans, who has a contact in Plettenberg Bay, of all places. Woody says to phone Neil at Plettenberg Bay Gas (044 533 1880) where he has reserved two units for you, so they match.

    There should be thousands of old caravans out there with these stoves; so, if anyone can help, please drop us a line at and we will pass on the information to Kevin.

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