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Traveling Southern Africa

  • Bruce McCracken
    Bruce McCracken
    Bruce McCracken on

    Hi Guys & gals

    A couple of us are planning a trip in mid 2019 starting in Cape Town taking in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe (Mana Pools), Mozambique, with all the obvious and other “must see” opportunities. We are experienced campers all with 4×4 vehicles tenting as standard (no towing)

    We have our visions and plans but would certainly appreciate feed back of some trips completed by others to consider. We are very flexible.

    Thanks so much

    Bruce and company

    leejah on

    I also have the same issue… I would love to come to Southern Africa for my summer holiday, I would be booking my flight and hotel room from but would need suggestions on beautiful places to visit.

    Thanks in advance for your responses

    Clarence on

    Leejah, not sure whether your summer holiday coincides with SA summer…just a reminder that SA winter is around June/July and summer in Dec/Jan. There are different weather conditions around Cape town and the West Coast when compared to the rest of the country and this impacts what is advisable for a holiday trip. If you can indicate your approximate time of travel, whether you will be staying in hotels or campsites, etc.

    Shaun Tosen
    Shaun Tosen
    Shaun Tosen on

    How was the trip?

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