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Towbar for a caravan

  • David Morrison
    David Morrison on


    I have bike racks that go on a towbar, I am looking to put a towbar on the back of a Caravan for this purpose, I cannot see an alternative, any place one recommends?

    Need a company to build the towbar for the back of a Caravan, specifically for a bike rack

    Josef Konrad
    Josef Konrad on

    A very valid question. And one that I suggest you place on the 4×4 Community forum if you want any kind of useful response.
    This here caravan forum has a very small following and is not really of any use to anyone. It is plagued by spammers and is hardly policed by the owners, who are really not interested in it since it generates zero advertising revenue

    Simon Tasman
    Simon Tasman on

    Admin should invoke the option to subject each new member to verification before admission.

    That would prevent a lot of the spam posts

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