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  • BPCrawford
    BPCrawford on

    My log on the campfire.

    Internet transactions have become the norm, but are fraught with risk. I have been scammed not once, but twice in the past few months – once for a non-existent drone, and the second for a non-delivered shade port.

    Both fraudsters had very convincing web sites.

    I was looking for a late model Sprite Sprint to replace my older Expo, as at our age, we needed the island bed. I was unable to locate a suitable one in the Western Cape, so with great trepidation I turned to the internet.

    I found a 2011 Sprint up in Die Rand which sounded good, with the extras I needed: rally tent, sides and front, etc. The seller gave his name as Bryan Lawrence. With reluctance I answered the ad and asked him if he was a private seller or dealer.

    Imagine my relief when he said he was employed by Loftus. I was still very careful, and wanted to double check, so I got out my latest Caravan & Outdoor Life and looked up Loftus’ phone number in their adverts. I called their landline and asked if they employed a Mr. Bryan Lawrence. When the answer was in the affirmative, I was put through to him to get further details. The Sprint was not on their website yet, as it had just come in, but Bryan sent me plenty of photos to study.

    I have always bought privately in the past, but what a pleasure it was dealing with this gentleman. The transaction took all the fear and worry out of the purchase. The caravan was fully serviced, upholstery steamcleaned, and it was roadworthy.

    Bryan attended to all my queries and concerns very professionally, and then sent the van to Cape Town with their own driver at a very fair cost.

    I only bought the caravan “sight unseen” based on the Loftus’ well-known reputation, the photos I was sent, and Bryan’s attention to my needs.

    When it arrived at my door it was everything as described and exactly what I’d hoped for. Well done, Bryan and Loftus. I will, in future, go this route when buying online and buy only from reputable dealers and only after very careful checks to make sure that they are genuine.

    Warm regards to all readers and COL.
    Brian and Pat Crawford

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