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Tips for living on the road full time

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    It would be interesting to see how caravaners to date have managed to deal with everything from road rules, to what you carry in your caravan to general tips and advice you have picked up along the way that has made your life easier.

    We all have different needs but living as caravaners is our common interest.

    Let us share our ideas and tips for making this easier.

    Anonymous on

    If you are looking for peace and quite at a camping site then select a spot away from social areas like swimming pools, toilets and cleaning areas.

    andre steenberg
    andre steenberg on

    Hi anyone here that are doing the full time caravan thing?? Just would like to know the average budget needed, two adults (pensioners) and obviously a small dog (lol) . Thanks Andre

    Quiksilver on

    Hi Andre,

    i’ve been reading the mag also and i see they have a regular contributor …..something findlay. or Lynn findlay. if i recall….

    i think shes the best person to contact for information on fulltime caravanning.

    i will have a search through my online mags to see if they ever listed a number of email address for her for you.

    ill keep you posted on the forum.


    i cant wait for the day that my wife and i are able to do this. luckily not far to go until retirement! 🙂

    what caravan do you have?

    andre steenberg
    andre steenberg on

    Hi Quicksilver, thanks for the feedback, I think I’ve seen some of their letters, will check.

    I’ve  been an off road guy till last year, sold the camper trailer, will look for something else soon.

    Not going to sell my property rather a good tenant and letting agent. After a few years of full time caravan we can then either move back or sell.


    Editor on

    Hi all,

    The Findlays have great adventures, and they often write to us, I’ll keep posting their letters. And ask them to comment on this question.

    Meanwhile, we recently asked our fans about the full-time caravan life, you can see what they have to say by clicking here.

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