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The Hoefer Hype is gone

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    After all the hype about the American Hoeffer Group coming to Africa with their revolutionary ultra-light technology, I cannot voice my disappointment strong enough on seeing what took them two years to build. Really, is this the best they could come up with? And look at the price!

    The website says “American engineered, a new class of luxury and affordability”.

    Who are they kidding, it’s drop dead ugly and the bed looks like its supported on a pine box.

    Godfrey on

    I was once told that if we humans all had the same taste we would all be eating Kellogg’s cornflakes for breakfast and driving Volkswagen Beetle’s!

    The Hoefer caravan is aimed at those people who couldn’t be bothered to get an EB towing licence and/or who own a very small car.

    So this SuperLite Special windscreen model is something different, to have a GVM of 575kg and body dimensions of 4.94m x 2.28m x 2.54m (LxWxH) it is light and while it offers run flat tyres and a premium gel full size mattress and spare tyre – all in the base weight – it does not include standard items such as a fridge or stove. One would add a braai or skottel braai for cooking and a Snowmaster portable fridge/freezer for keeping things cold. It’s caravanining at entry level!

    One must remember however that when towing an unbraked trailer or caravan (Hoefer is braked) that the towing vehicle’s GVM must be more than twice that of what it is towing.

    Clarence on

    I’m with Potti Potgieter on this one.

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