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The FreePark Revolution

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    Full-timing is getting more popular by the day as an alternative way of retirement so it is not surprising to see the camping industry changing to accommodate the needs of this growing market. The two person caravan with bigger bathroom is a good example of this trend.

    Holiday resorts, although geared towards the family-holiday market, are bending backwards to make it more affordable for Full-timers by offering a monthly tariff at about 25 percent of the normal rate and mid-week offers is proving very popular with retired campers that are not Full-timers.

    A member organisation is now introducing a brand new option to their full-timing members –  FreePark4Full-timers ! The concept will not only allow them to stay without paying for their site while touring SA but also support another retired but less fortunate couple or person with a free parking for their retirement wheels.

    The concept of FreePark is quite simple. Every member will own a Travel Campus site but not use it exclusively so while you are using another owner’s site, yours is available to be used by other owners. You can tour our nine provinces, staying without paying for up to three months at a time and so can all 1,600 other owners of Travel Campus sites. Booking of sites, yours included, is done free of charge by the member organisation. Every site is looked after by an on-site caretaker, chosen by you, who stay there free of charge as part of a “Pay it Forward” charity drive.

    Prospective owners list their name with their chosen town on a website and once there is sixteen names for that town they are introduced to each other, form a co-operative, and start developing their own Travel Campus sites. This way development will happen first in the town where there is most interest.

    With one hundred Travel Campuses countrywide within a few hours drive from the next, each with 16 campsites, one thousand six hundred full-timers will be able to tour our beautiful country without paying to stay and with the knowledge that their investment is growing in value.

    Interested – look out for the organisation’s advert on this forum, coming soon.

    HAppy Camper
    HAppy Camper on

    could be interesting?

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