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Thank you, Dometic

  • JduPreez
    JduPreez on

    One Saturday in December, while camping at Yellow Sands in East London, I heard that the water pump in my caravan was just keeping on pumping. After a proper investigation, I realised that the pressure monitoring was defective.

    So, on Monday, I phoned the agents who’d sold me the unit, since it was only six months old. After three calls and no results, I decided that while the agents were wondering what to do, I was going to look for a new pump in East London. Unfortunately, I could not find a suitable pump in East London… and I had not heard anything from the agents.

    In desperation, I decided to contact the supplier, Dometic, directly. I spoke to Willem, who asked me to do a few tests. Ten minutes later, I gave him the results, and right then Willem told me that he was going to send me a new pump via overnight courier.

    The next morning, I was still in bed, wondering where I would have to collect the package, when there was a call from the gate at Yellow Sands. There was a package with my name on it!

    I couldn’t believe that the pump had been delivered that quickly! That is what you call superior service, to say the least. Thank you very much, Willem and Dometic, for the excellent service.

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