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Teardropping across ZA

  • BankrotGeriatries
    BankrotGeriatries on

    We are early stage geriatrics, somewhat mobility restricted and wanting to tour SA for a year or so. We can easily rough it, sacrifice comfort and don’t need to take the garden shed, family room and gated fence along. We don’t even need them little gas geysers or slide-out kitchens, porta potties or shower rooms. We grew up at a time when loadshedding was 24/7/365 and we can wash from a basin and read by a candle.

    Our need is a teardrop with a ready made bed behind solid walls, NOT CANVAS. We have looked at Edgeout, Vagabond, Stallion, Raasblaar, Jetstream and Enkulu 1. Also Metalian Maxi with Howling Moon auto lift rooftop tent.. Comments welcome. My heart sits with the Metalian, but that bladder ladder at night scares me, as my medical situation rules out falls and breakages. The Soft One has mentally pre-ordered a Vagabond.

    We intend to go Karoo, Free State, Northwest rural places, not necessarily caravan parks. Tietiesberg, Potjiespram, Nossob and such also on the list, or wherever an agreeable farmer let us hunt for a week or so. Have Canon, will shoot, and long lenses to get closer.

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