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Sprite Tourer SW Fridge heat issue

  • Warren Cheek
    Warren Cheek
    Warren Cheek on


    Is there a fix for the heat from the fridge inside the Caravan. I’m sure there is a factory design fault. Can some one advise on a solution or a way forward. Caravan is a Sprite Tourer SW 2016 model

    williefbotha botha
    williefbotha botha
    williefbotha botha on

    Good day I had a fan and a outside vent  installed in my Sprite Tourer 2015 under warranty

    works fine but the down side is ,that the van is not dust proof any more .If I do travel gravel roads I just tape the vent closed on the outside .With the fan and vent the fridge performs much better when it is really hot. I agree that was a design fault

    Gert Kalis
    Gert Kalis
    Gert Kalis on

    Hi Warren, I own the same wagon and problem. My wife is not a proponent of change and she only opens the cupboard door slightly when we are parked and the heat feels abundant. It’s not conspicuous. The heat also does not really bother and we have not suffered any damage in 5 years.
    You can put on the same dust cover that the wagon already has on its roof. It costs about R900 but I do not know how much the labor will cost. It’s dustproof and you decide when to open or close it. The ventilation that the people readily put on, like that of the tarmac wagons, lets in the dust.
    Heat is rising and therefore I will place the dustcover quite high

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