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Setup At The Press Of A Button

  • KalisP
    KalisP on

    My wife and I tow an Echo 3 off-road trailer, bought new in 2008, behind our Land Rover Defender. As retirees who are not in any hurry to reach our destination, we love this combination.

    The only disadvantage was the rooftop tent with the side tent and L-shaped veranda which took a lot of time to pitch and fold away, taking into consideration that the underside of the floor of the side tent was usually wet and had to be dried before it could be folded away.

    With time on our side, we conducted a fair amount of research and were amazed by an article on the quick-pitching ability of the Bundutec rooftop tent. This rooftop tent has an electrically operated motor and takes 30 seconds to pitch and store, with the mere press of a button.

    The tent has an aluminium casing, a sturdy framework, a thick, comfortable mattress, and a light and cellphone charger inside.

    We contacted Echo in Somerset West, who assured us that they could easily remove the rooftop tent and replace it with the Bundutec.

    We advertised the rooftop tent, sold it within two days, and ordered the Bundutec, which was delivered within a week.

    It is such a pleasure to have the convenience of the sturdy, fully-kitted Echo trailer combined with the Bundutec rooftop tent.

    Last year, we travelled to Nossob in the Kgalagadi and could not get over how easy it was to set up camp, as this amounted to taking out our camping chairs and table before sitting down and merely pressing the button to pitch our rooftop tent from our seated position.

    We were dismayed to discover that we were not the first people to come up with this set-up, as we saw other similar combinations, as well as the Bundutec rooftop tent mounted on Land Rovers and Toyota Land Cruisers.

    Although we are getting on in years, we still consider ourselves “young and vibrant” and are now thinking of installing either a dual battery system or solar power to operate our portable deep freeze/fridge combination.

    Instead of reinventing the wheel, we would appreciate any information other campers might be able to provide about the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems.

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