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  • frustrated
    frustrated on

    I live in Cape Town. When I phoned to book my caravan in for its compulsory sixmonthly warranty check, I was told that the dealership is no longer a Jurgens Ci dealership! I then heard that the dealership in the Strand was also no longer a Jurgens Ci Dealership!

    What’s going on? This means that there is no one in my area capable of validating my Service Warranty book!

    Does this mean that I will have to tow my caravan 400km every six months to the next nearest dealer in Mossel Bay?

    How can a dealership sell a caravan knowing that they are changing brands and won’t be honouring the service needs of the product?

    godfrey on

    For various reasons – and we don’t want to delve into this here – there are at least three or four well-known Jurgens CI dealers who are no longer with the franchise, and therefore not entitled to sign off on Jurgens CI product warranties.

    Yes, this presents a problem for anyone in the Cape and KZN who has recently bought a new Jurgens CI caravan that is still under warranty.

    This problem is not unique to Jurgens CI. When buying any product that does not have an established dealer network, the owner has to travel back to the dealer or manufacturer for service.

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