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Seeking advice before purchasing a caravan

  • Fatima Leitao
    Fatima Leitao
    Fatima Leitao on

    I need a little(or much) advice before a buy a caravan. I am looking for a pre-owned caravan that I will be able to tow with my Fortuner 2.8 4×2 It needs to have movers, sleep 4 and easy to manage as I am alone and very short (1.54m).

    I have never owned a caravan before so I am clueless with handling, storage and deciding on one!

    Is there anyone who can assist this clueless individual?

    Fyko van der Molen
    Fyko on

    Hi Fatima

    You can help yourself greatly by buying a caravan magazine that has the weights of the various models listed and the max weight rule that applies to your vehicle. A very simple regulation.

    Once you have rhe permissible caravan models listed you can determine which size and layout suits you.

    There’s rather a dearth of caravans for sale right now so you might have to look further afield than you would like.

    You should definitely have an experienced person to inspect before you buy because caravans can and do rot and tents deteriorate quickly as well.

    You can have movers fitted after you buy your van at a cost of about R14000 depending on who does the fitting.  If you only look at vans with movers already fitted you will limit your options severely.

    DominicCatterall on

    Hi Fatima,
    Since you are in the market for a 4 berth that would most likely put the van at over 750kg tare which would require a EB licence. If you have one then you sorted. Your vehicle tare can easily handle well over a ton and there are plenty vans in that range to choose from. Dealer 2nd hands are always the best to go for as they check everything like woodrot etc. Maybe get some advise from a dealer before making a decision.

    Pierre Lieb
    Pierre Lieb
    Pierre Lieb on

    Hi Fatima

    If you are going for the Tarr road options, I would recommend a Jurgens Fleetline as it tows easy, sleeps 4 and is easy to handle.  I would go for the 2010 tot 2014 Models.

    Having ample space / storage and if you travel alone, the dinette in the front is nice to have as it is spacious to accommodate visitors to eat inside as well

    Happy hunting.


    Barlo Bam
    Barlo Bam
    Barlo Bam on

    Hi Fatima,

    I will advise you speak with several dealers and ask them questions about it. They know bwst about it because we can only give you advise here  based on the one we have used or we are using. We may not be able to suggest many options to you like dealer will do.

    Jan Horn
    Jan Horn
    Jan Horn on

    To all prospective Tuff Cats customers.
    Please be aware of the quality issues the Tuff Cats manufacturer has on Tuff Cats caravans. I don’t want you to go through the same hell as me. I bought my Tuff Cats caravan brand new mid December 2021 and soon thereafter parts of the outside of the caravan started to rust (see photos). After it rained we discovered the caravan leak at the front bed lid into the inside of the caravan. The inside basin drainage pipe also leakes and we had to put a container under it to catch the water whilst we were touring the Cape for 2 months. All the stickers on the caravan also fell off. The bed sometimes gets stuck and you cannot pull it out, which is a major problem when you arrive at a camping site and cannot pitch your caravan. I note some of the screws of the sliding mechanism of the bed fell out. I saw them by chance lying on the ground next to the caravan.
    Think twice before buying Tuff Cats Products.

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