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Securing Tourer hatch doors

  • JimmyHunter
    JimmyHunter on

    We love our Jurgens Tourer, and have been to so many fantastic places written about in this magazine. A big thumbs-up to Jurgens Ci for coming up with this caravan design.

    Just a question… we don’t understand why some lockers have a ‘T’-bar key (such as the slide-out kitchen and the under-bunk lockers) while the crockery cabinet has a lock and key. Surely the side lockers are a security risk?

    The lock-and-key mechanisms have both lost the locking plate – fortunately at different times – which could have created havoc had they let go while in transit. We would probably have lost all the crockery or ripped the flap off what otherwise serves as a table.

    A tip for all owners is to put a dab of Loctite on the screw, and retighten. Problem solved!

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